• Maybe They Should Name it the Pontiac “10,000.”

Maybe They Should Name it the Pontiac “10,000.”
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In the dim and distant past of Pontiac, they produced a model named the Pontiac 6000. So, why not just throw in the towel and name the new “ute” based Pontiac G8 “sport truck” the “10,000?”

That would save Pontiac the trouble of sifting through the 10,000 names that have been submitted to it as proposed names for the new truck.

Maybe They Should Name it the Pontiac “10,000.”
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You may recall that when Pontiac unveiled the American “ute” at the New York Auto Show they informed the world that they were going to have a contest to name the new model. Well, the public has responded. Were Pontiac to sell as many of the “ute” as it’s had nominations for its name, they’d be quite happy, one suspects.

As it is, however, Pontiac is now faced with sorting through the massive number of names, a task apparently given to the marketing division. The final say, they say, goes to the marketing department.

Maybe. But, we think that it’s a bit more complex than that.

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GM’s head of North American sales, Mark LaNeve, told TopSpeed.com at the Chicago Auto Show that there is a committee, of which he is a member, which has the last word and often vigorously debates the final selection.

It may very well be that the name selected will be attributed to one submitted by some individual. But, with 10,000 names in the hopper, it’s a safe bet that names GM’s already considered are probably in the hopper.

And, yes, “El Camino” is among the nominees.

And, no, there’s no chance it’s going to be selected.

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