Legendary car builder Gene Winfield and master craftsman Leonard Compton reunite to take their performance to new heights through the design and manufacture of Fastback Mustangs known as the GT690 GW Maybellene Series. The Fastback body styles are available for the 1965, 1966, 1967 and 1968 models. Only 21 Maybellene GT690 GW Mustang Fastbacks will be produced and sold.

Modern technology and new design are crafted into this muscle car of yesterday. Maybellene is comprised of state of the art 2006-2007 Ford Racing component technology wrapped around a classic body. The term "Restomod" comes to mind when looking at Maybellene but after closer inspection, that term doesn’t seem to fit. Everything functional in Maybellene is updated, modern and comfortable, suitable for everyday use. Ford State of the Art Computerized Technology allows Maybellene to be serviced at any qualified service center.

With over 50 years experience, Gene Winfield designed and built cars for movies, television series, and a number of commercial clients. Recently, he has made two appearances on the Discovery Channel’s Monster Garage with Jesse James, Modern Marvels Custom Cars, Rides with Billy Gibbons, Hot Rod TV and an upcoming episode on My Classic Car with Dennis Gage. He is currently filming a new show titled Building With The Best which will premier at the 2006 SEMA show. Winfield continues to build motion picture and television vehicles, as well as traditional custom cars in his shop located in the high desert community of Mojave, CA . He is one of the hobby’s most prolific builders whose good taste and risk taking work is widely respected.

Leonard Compton apprenticed under Winfield and like Winfield there’s no stopping his quest for excellence. He has been building and designing special interest cars for 44 years.

Standard Equipment

  • 5.4L DOHC 4v Supercharged Engine Assembly
  • Customer Specifies Transmission:
    • Tremec Extra HD 5-Speed (M-7003-R58C)
    • Tremec Extra HD 5-Speed (M-7003-R58H)
    • Tremec HD 6-Speed with Electronic Speedo (M-7003-F)
  • Valve Covers and Air Cleaner
  • Wheels: Front - 17" X 8" Rear - 18" X 9" 245/40ZR17 Rated Tires
  • Griffin Aluminum Cross Flow Radiator
  • Power Rack and Pinion Steering
  • Ford OEM Ignition Control and Coil
  • Stainless Steel FlowMaster Exhaust System
  • Ford State of the Art Computerized Technology

Source: Maybellene Autosport

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  (8) posted on 08.26.2008

this car is preety damn awsome but the 1967 shelby fastback look’s cooler, if you dont know the car im talking about it was in the movie (gone in 60 seconds)

  (6023) posted on 10.11.2006

You are right! ONG!!! It’s amazing. I want one!!! And i want it now!!!!

  (6023) posted on 10.11.2006

This car ROCKS!!!!!

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