Looking at Mazda’s current lineup, it doesn’t take long to see how far the Japanese automaker has come in the last 15 years, but even with exciting models like the Mazda3, Mazda6 and the all-new 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata, it seems that the “Zoom Zoom” tagline isn’t properly portraying Mazda’s brand image to consumers. To better convey its message, Mazda is launching a new ad campaign called “Driving Matters” to highlight not only the brand’s fun-to-drive spirit but also its safety, styling and fuel efficiency.

The first commercial in the new campaign is a 60-second spot called "A Driver’s Life," that taps Aaron Paul as the rhyming voiceover in this emotion-stirring spot. Although the 2016 CX-5, Mazda6 and Miata are all featured in the commercial, the focus is more of a message showing how Mazda’s growing lineup of cars and crossovers can fill just about any need, ranging from first car to family car and even “reward” car.

“Driving Matters” replaces “Game Changers,” which launched in 2013, and while the 2-year-old campaign did help create more brand awareness, Mazda is hoping that the new commercials will create “an emotional connection” between its buyers and its cars.

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Why it matters

The new “Driving Matters” ad campaign is expected to give buyers a better idea of what Mazda is all about, but it won’t totally replace the “Zoom Zoom” tagline. Mazda says that “Zoom Zoom” will “continue to be a part of the brand’s DNA,” but it isn’t clear if it will be used in any more advertisements. This tagline was first used in 2000, meaning that its 15 years in existence has outlasted Chevrolet’s “Like A Rock,” which had an impressive run from 1991 through 2004.

2016 Mazda MX-5

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Press Release

The Oxford Dictionary defines “driving” as, “operating and controlling the direction and speed of a motor vehicle.” Mazda believes that driving is more than a definition. Driving is an experience that can enhance your life. To better illustrate how every Mazda vehicle embodies why “Driving Matters,” today Mazda North American Operations (MNAO) is rolling out a new advertising campaign.

Mazda Launches "Driving Matters" Slogan
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Driving Matters is an evolution of the Game Changers campaign. With Game Changers, Mazda succeeded in increasing consumer awareness of the functional attributes of our vehicles. Driving Matters will extend the message by creating an emotional connection to the brand.

“Through the Driving Matters campaign, consumers will get a glimpse at why driving matters so much to Mazda and why we obsess over every detail in designing our cars,” said Russell Wager, vice president of marketing, MNAO. “Whether it’s for safety purposes or for maintaining our ‘fun to drive’ nature, it all comes down to the fact that driving matters to our customers and it matters to us.”

Mazda’s all-new Driving Matters campaign will showcase various aspects of what makes the driving experience so important. Through Mazda’s advance technologies and design, the campaign will dive into the importance of vehicle safety, good-looks, fuel efficiency and the fun-to- drive personality of Mazda cars. The engineering and design that goes behind each car in Mazda’s lineup epitomizes the enhancement driving has on a person’s life.

The campaign will launch with “A Driver’s Life,” which chronicles the major moments and life stages in a driver’s life, like getting a license and buying your first car, through raising a family and obtaining your “reward” car. The spot will feature multiple 2016 models but the aim is to celebrate driving and the core values of Mazda customers. The campaign will launch on Friday May 22nd in cinema and television with a mixture of a :60 and :30 second ads. It will be supported digitally and on our social channels.

Mazda Launches "Driving Matters" Slogan
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“Mazda makes cars for people who take pleasure in driving, and “Driving Matters” perfectly aligns with that philosophy. Through our creative process, it became evident that Mazda’s inspiration for pure driving enjoyment is something that relates to the typical car buyer,” said Harvey Marco, creative director, Garage Team Mazda.

Mazda’s long-running Zoom-Zoom tagline will continue to be a part of the brand’s DNA. Since its inception in 2000, Zoom-Zoom has come to symbolize what a Mazda stands for – stylish, insightful and spirited – and the Driving Matters campaign will communicate the company’s core belief in the joy of driving and illustrate the emotional enhancement driving has on our lives in everyday situations.

Mazda will deliver the new advertising message via in-cinema, television, print, out-of home and digital media.

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