• Mazda MX-5 by Autoexe

    2007 maxda mx-5 autoexe

What would happen if you striped down the standard margin as much as possible from the Mx-5 Roadster, which is enhanced with modern refinement? Taking this provocative theme that sends chills down the back to the level of reality is the NC-03.

Mazda MX-5 by Autoexe
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This small Roadster adopted a very aggressive body kit, the front bumper has been reworked to give it a very wide mouth that is designed to eat tons of tarmac.

For example, in the styling kit, a chiseled air intake and a bumper strengthened by a stylish edge wicker pattern give a sensation brimming with willpower to the car’s driving feel.

Mazda MX-5 by Autoexe
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Autoexe redesign the headlights, and reshaped too with a body colored casing. The rear bumper adopts a new shape that accentuates the double exhaust line. The diffusers has been handled too by Autoexe, and it looks very dynamic.For the interior the only chages are the Recaro seats .

The mechanical aspect is the place where Autoexe stands out from the rest .

Mazda MX-5 by Autoexe
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The company’s aim is not to blow up your engine, but rather help it to exploit its potential to the fullest with items essential to sports cars such as low down springs, stainless mufflers, and strut tower bars.Margin allocation is shaved towards riding comfort, bringing driving back to the basics of the “Jinba ittai” (horse and rider connection) feeling. Even higher performance parts such as a sports tunable suspension and brace set are on standby.

Mazda MX-5 by Autoexe
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A fast and stiff car, that’s what Autoexe offers and when you hit the road, you immediately feel the exceptional handling and the car feels like it’s glued to the tarmac! You can attack any kind of bend, the Roadster will take it. The same goes for the brakes: they offer very good performance and provide a real sense of security.
They have specialized in Mazda and have an intimate knowledge of the mx-5. And this “pleasure function,” one step up from a standard brush up, is theyr evolution goal on a genetic level.

So the changes offer a undeniable gain in road handling without to require massive work on your car.

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