For close to two decades, Mazda has relied on the MX-5’s bankability to become one of the top-selling convertibles in history. The secret behind the MX-5’s success was largely due to it keeping a tried-and-tested formula: light weight and awesome dynamics.

Mazda MX-5 Superlight to be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in line with the brand's 20th anniversary
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And now that the MX-5 - the Miata in the US - is celebrating its 20th birthday, Mazda is releasing a special edition MX-5 that takes all the elements of past MX-5’s and tinkering with it to make it lighter and faster. The concept car, which is being called the MX-5 Superlight, is set to be introduced to the world at the Frankfurt Motor Show, where Mazda fans are already buzzing in anticipation for the car’s unveiling.

While details behind the MX-5 Superlight remains sketchy, the name ‘Superlight’ does give off the idea that the car would be stripped lighter to make it faster than it already is. Renderings of the concept car have also surfaced and judging from the sketches, the car underwent a number of structural changes, which includes the absence of A-pillars and the inclusion of front and rear decks that would help control the airflow surrounding the vehicle.

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While the car is fast becoming every Mazda fanatic’s dream set of wheels, it looks like the Japanese-based company hasn’t broached the idea of putting this model for mass production. As it stands, the MX-5 Superlight is just a commemorative piece that is being made in line with the MX-5’s 20th birthday.

We’re not saying that Mazda’s making a mistake in not mass producing this car, but at the very least, maybe they should give it some serious thought. After all, the MX-5’s successful 20-year run is a pretty good indication as to how this car would fare out on the market.

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