• Mazda Partners With Google Earth for the Mazda CX-7 Earth Search Sweepstakes

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Mazda North American Operations today announced that consumers will be able to search the globe online for a chance to win an all-new 2007 Mazda CX-7. Leveraging the popularity of Google Earth, a free software application run through Earth.Google.com that combines satellite imagery, maps and a powerful search engine, users will be able to use video clues to search all over the globe for a chance to win a brand new Mazda CX-7. Encouraging users to "Search for the SUV you Never Saw Coming," the online game will serve to breakthrough the automotive clutter and generate buzz and awareness for the all-new Mazda CX-7.

"This multi-tiered campaign is a great example of how Mazda has gone beyond basic marketing tactics to embrace emerging technologies in communicating to consumers," said Brian Colianni, senior vice president of sales and marketing, MNAO. "The Mazda CX-7 Earth Search Sweepstakes utilizes cutting edge technology to create a relevant and entertaining online experience for participants of the sweepstakes, an experience that we think will resonate with our target."

The Mazda CX-7 Earth Search Sweepstakes was developed collaboratively by Doner, Mazda’s agency of record, Proxicom, and Sarkissian Mason, as part of the launch campaign for the vehicle.

To play, a consumer will visit http://www.NeverSawItComing.com and log-in to view a short video that will include a hidden clue to the Mazda CX-7’s location. The participant will utilize Google Earth to navigate to the location, which will be marked by the Mazda Sweepstakes Entry icon that the participant will click to enter to win. The clues will get harder and harder as participants move throughout the game. The first clue picks up where the Mazda CX-7 15 second pre-launch spots leave off.

The game will further serve to introduce the Mazda CX-7 to all participants by including a 3-D interactive tour of the vehicle. The tour will highlight the interior and exterior performance and design features.

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