This is definitely not the first time that we have heard about a rebirth of the greatest Rotary Experimental model that the Japanese automaker Mazda has ever produced and we hope that it won’t be the last. It turns out that the Zoom-Zoom brand has been preparing a successor for their current rotary powered RX-8 sports car, and while some might say that the next evolution should wear an RX-9 badge, we are happy to hear that Mazda is considering to bring back the RX-7 moniker that was used from the beginning in 1978 all the way up until the 13B powered twin turbocharged FD3S was forced out of production in 2002.

Mazda RX-7 coming in 2011
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This is definitely something to look forward to, because if Mazda can get the RX-7 formula right again then we are in for a real treat. It was never the biggest or the most powerful of the super cars that cme out of Japan in the 1990s, but its spirited engine and nimble lightweight nature made it a threat to anything on the road. Just like the last generation model, the upcoming RX-7 will be a two seater sports car powered by a boosted rotary engine. If you think that a high revving twin rotor motor sounds like fun, then you ought to know that there is talks of using the same 1.6 Liter Renesis 16X Wankel design that was used in the 2007 Taiki concept, delivering an even 300 HP. The production version is expected to debut in 2011, however we expect to see a concept version a bit sooner.


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  (859) posted on 02.4.2010

yes they should bring back the Rx-7, it became famous because of the Anime Initial D, team mate of the ae86.

  (570) posted on 01.17.2010

Considering the FD had 255HP with about 218hp at the wheels and was able to hit 60 in 4.9/5 flat...I think that a car with 240-250HP and weighs less than an RX8 would be capable of low to mid 5 second 0-60 times.

Naterade22  (238) posted on 11.24.2009

Mazda should do a good job with it and keep it at a reasonable price, and as for the Supra, the LF-A would not satisfy me if I was looking for a Supra successor. It is largely overpriced, not even available for sale right away. If I was looking for a supra successor I would look for something to replace the celica with more power, but a decent price. If anyone is king of successors it is Nissan. They can still build a next generation GT-R and not give it a $250,000 price tag.

Uncia  (868) posted on 11.24.2009

The FD-gen RX-7 is a hard vehicle to follow up on, especially considering the price, but if they did it once they can do it again. I’m still waiting for a new Supra, but with the LFA I don’t see much reason for one anymore.

Uncia  (68) posted on 11.24.2009

Bout flippin time

Uncia  (6) posted on 11.24.2009

best news ever

TJKEON  (138) posted on 11.24.2009

i hope they can keep it under $30,000

TJKEON  (4) posted on 11.24.2009

I really hope they do this in 2011. Hopefully as well keeping it under 3000 lbs and more than 300 hp though. I will admit that it does look nice!!

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