Mazda was on to something when they combined a compact rear wheel drive platform with a lightweight racing inspired power plant to create the first Rotary Experimental model for the Japanese automaker. Through three generations of RX-7, the sports car has proven itself to be a show winner as well as track day competitor. It was the second generation FC3S RX-7 that introduced rotary enthusiasts to boost and took the agile Mazda to the next level with the RX-7 Turbo II. However it wasn’t until 1992 when the automaker from Hiroshima launched the last RX-7 that we have all come to know and admire. With its round sculpted arches and twin turbocharged 13B power plant making 265 HP, the FD (as it is known) was capable of running with super cars well beyond its output and price.

Mazda stopped importing RX-7s into the U.S. in 1995, ever since then, sports car enthusiasts have been awaiting the return of the Mazda RX-7, especially since the turbocharged rotary powered rocket ship disappeared from the world market in 2002. Well there is good news because it looks like the rumors are coming true, and a 21st century RX-7 will be on display at the Tokyo Motor Show.

This rendering shows a vehicle that has been heavily influenced by the company’s Nagare design language, except that an RX-7, by its nature, must go one step beyond any of the Mazda’s recent concepts. The production version of the RX-8’s successor will not make an appearance until the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show and will feature Mazda’s new rotary engine.


Source: 7tune

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  (570) posted on 01.17.2010

wow cool concept, if this will be the new RX-7, more street tuners will get a hand on this baby. and yes it does look aggressive and faster than the older model. but as we all know the old RX-7 is an icon to the Racers, specially to Drifters.

BMWM6  (488) posted on 07.7.2009

I dont know much about the Rx7 but wasnt the RX8 its replacement

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