Mazda will unveil at the Tokyo Auto Show the RX-7 Coupe, a concept with design cues inspired by the Kabura and Ryuga, as well as other Mazda DNA. The RX-7 will be the first Mazda Rotary Coupe since the third-generation RX-7 launched in 1991.

The car will feature a particularly distinctive exterior design, with lightweight, compact and high-output next generation RENESIS(2) rotary engine. It will epitomize Mazda’s spirit of sports car, as the RX-7 won popularity among the customers since its 1978 launch. The last RX-7 model (FD3S) ended a 10 year production run in August 2002, and is sometimes still regarded as the pinnacle of Mazda Engineering and Design.

The RX-7 is in its 3rd generation. Production was stopped in 2002, but RX-7 remains the greatest technical achievement Mazda ever did. The question is: is the RX-7 Concept that will be unveiled in Tokyo a preview of the 4th generation of the model launched in 1991? We will have to wait for the Auto Show to come and see!

Source: Rotary News

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  (6023) posted on 03.3.2008

id love it if theyd build it off the same fd3 platform and keep more of the curves in its body,also design the grill and hood to allow more airflow around the engine so all the other components dont get brittle so quickly. from just pure looks stand point i want to like that concept photo but i like my 94 better,just i need to rebuild the motor;(

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