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Mazda has dropped a new teaser for its new EV that’s set to debut at the Tokyo Motor Show next week and, surprise surprise; it’s a coupe crossover. This can easily be deciphered from the sloping roofline shown off during part of the teaser video is a dead giveaway that’s backed up by Mazda’s description of a “coupe-like cabin” that accompanied the last teaser that showed off said cabin.

Mazda’s New Eve is a Subcompact Crossover Coupe

After the last two teasers, we have a pretty good idea of what to expect from Mazda’s new EV. It will be a subcompact crossover coupe, so it could, in theory compete against the Tesla Model Y, however, it’s more likely to take on something like the Mercedes EQC. You can assume it’ll be about the size of the CX-30 as that’s the model Mazda has been using as a mule to test its new EV powertrain and battery setup. It’s also said that the new EV explores “new directions more in touch with futuristic values and changing lifestyles.”

Mazda's EV Will Be a Crossover Coupe….Yay
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In other words, “we’re going to copy what BMW and Mercedes are doing and hope it catches on in our part of the market.”

Mazda claims there will be a unique door concept and a front end with a “friendly expression.”

Let’s just hope it doesn’t have any fake grille or fake exhaust outlets, right? For what it’s worth, it’s not expected to be a big performer, either. The electric motor should deliver somewhere in the neighborhood of 141 horsepower and close to 200 pound-feet of torque. A 35.5 kWh battery pack isn’t all that big, though, and with models like the BMW i3 and Nissan leaf mustering up some 150 miles on 40 kWh batteries (the i3 has a 42 kWh battery, but let’s not split hairs here) we’re guessing the new Mazda EV might be good for 130 miles. And, that’s only if it manages to tip the scales at around 3,000 pounds. It’s Mazda’s first EV, so it’s really hard to accurately guess, but we wouldn’t expect too much from it, that’s for sure.

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