Recently Mazda has unveiled details on their new design language which are seen in the Kodo and a new concept by the name ofShinari. These two models will be the first to utilize the company’s future design, and as part of the remodeled future, Mazda is also currently working on a new rotary engine that will reduce fuel consumption by 50%. This new engine won’t be seen in the production version of the Shinari, but it will appear in the Japanese automakers future models.

Mazda hasn’t revealed any specific details of the new engine, but they have confirmed that it is being called Sky for the time being and its focus will be fuel savings: "Today we cannot name it this, but a Sky rotary engine is under development. We are not aiming for a small improvement. Fuel economy is our handicap, so we must drastically improve otherwise the next generation rotary cannot survive. But there is potentially a very large improvement available therefore it is important that we do this." We are guessing it is the same engine that will also be out in thefuture CX-5. If this is the case, then we know that the SKY-G engine is a next-generation direct injection gasoline engine with greatly improved fuel economy and output due to enhanced thermal efficiency. The engine will work with i-stop, regenerative braking, and lighter vehicles to provide the owner with a 30-percent increase in fuel economy.

The current Mazda RX-8 is powered by a 13B twin rotor Renesis engine making 232 HP and has a fuel consumption of 12.9 liter/100km. If we do a little math, we get a fuel consumption of 7 liters/100 km for the next engine. Sounds tempting!


Source: Go Auto

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  (407) posted on 09.9.2010

If this happens, I hope they have also created other high-powered engine with reduced fuel consumption.

  (13) posted on 09.7.2010

I love mazda ...its great sexy car to drive....i think that it is the best way to control the the fuel efficiency.

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