Mazda may just be pulling a trick on General Motors. While GM gets the spotlight and the pressure associated with its new Volt, Mazda may be working on a sneak attack. What makes the Volt unique is that it’s a purely electric car. Whenever the gas engine is needed, it is only used to generate power for the electric motor. Autocar is now reporting that Mazda is working on a similar type of car, using a rotary engine to charge the electric motor. Furthermore, Mazda seems to already be utilizing the technology in a test car that looks like a Mazda 5.

No word yet on what kind of batteries are being used or what kind of body Mazda will use for the new system. This may be where GM has the advantage. Much of the project resources of the Volt are being used to develop long range and lightweight lithium-ion batteries for the car. Also a lot of attention is being used to develop an original body for the car, so that it will have the least amount of wind resistance possible.


Source: Autocar

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  (612) posted on 02.2.2010

That was a good sneak attack by mazda, well as far as i know mazda is a great Automobile Company their designs are unique and quite aggressive and sporty.

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