This kind of thing can be avoided if people don’t act stupidly

Car crashes are never a good thing, but when something like this happens to a McLaren 650 S, you can’t help but get knots in your stomach. The damage you see to the 650 S is nothing short of devastating. It’s totalled beyond repair as reports have come in that the McLaren was street racing when the crash occurred. The front section is literally gone with debris scattered around it as another car, an Audi A6, also suffered significant damage.

According to witnesses, the 650 S was racing with what is believed to be either a black Dodge Charger or Challenger at the time of the crash. At some point, the driver of the 650 S, a man believed to be in his 40s, lost control of the car and crashed straight into the unsuspecting A6 and causing all that destruction. The drivers of the 650 S and the A6 were both taken to a hospital immediately after the crash. The McLaren driver has since been released but unfortunately, the Audi driver, a man believed to be in his 60s or 70s, has suffered significant injuries.

Meanwhile, the driver of the Dodge that was reportedly racing with the McLaren at the time of the crash fled the scene before the police arrived. Local authorities are still looking for the car and its driver.

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Illegal street racing is stupid and dangerous

Car crashes like this really gets my blood boiling because things like this could’ve been avoided if people don’t act stupidly. It’s the fact is completely beyond me that people throw caution to the wind and put others at risk because of their stupidity and recklessness. The driver of the McLaren 650 S, if he was really engaging in illegal street racing, should be punished for his actions. He needs to be taught a lesson and it’s not enough that his prized McLaren got totalled.

If the driver of the Audi A6 did suffer serious injuries, the driver of the 650 S should be punished to the fullest extent allowed by the law. Same thing with the driver of the black Dodge. I hope he gets apprehended because he’s equally as culpable for engaging in street racing.

I don’t have a problem with car racing if it’s sanctioned or done in a controlled environment. But doing it in public is not only idiotic, it’s also arrogant. Those who engage in it not only put their lives at risk, but more egregiously, they put the lives of other motorists at risk too. I really hope that the A6 driver who was minding his own business recovers from his injuries. He didn’t deserve the cards he was dealt and he got the worst of it out of all those who were involved in the crash. Hope you recover, sir.

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Source: KTLA

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