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  • McLaren 650 S Totaled In Multi-Vehicle Crash
    Lime green McLaren sports car destroyed in violent crash

    Lime green McLaren sports car destroyed in violent crash

    McLaren sports car destroyed after colliding with three other vehicles in crash in California
    An expensive McLaren sports car emerged completely wrecked from a two-vehicle collision in Los Angeles.
    The bright green car appeared completely totaled in photos of the crash Tuesday in Woodland Hills.
    A grey sedan was also damaged during the collision, which occurred near a school, according to authorities.

    The collision was reported at 4:48 pm, Officer Tony Im told KTLA.
    The drivers of the McLaren and of the Audi were taken to the hospital. One of them had severe injuries. The other driver’s condition remained unknown.

    The other car involved in the crash was an Audi, according to ABC 7.
    Police did not know whether the driver with severe injuries was behind the wheel of the McLaren or of the Audi.
    The sidewalk at the intersection of Platt Avenue and Califa Street was covered in debris from the McLaren, which lost its hood, a door and a tire.
    Police believe street racing may have been involved. Speed was a factor in the crash. Witnesses told ABC 7 the McLaren was going at more than 60 mph.
    Residential areas such as Califa Street typically have speed limits of 25 mph in California. A sign on Platt Avenue signals a speed limit of 40 mph.
    Authorities initially said more than two cars were involved and believed at least one car had fled the scene. An LAPD officer later said only two vehicles were involved in the collision and none had fled.

    The crash occurred near Hale Charter Academy, a school for sixth to eight-graders.
    The exact model of the McLaren remained unclear. But the British manufacturer’s cheapest model sold in the United States, the 570S, is worth $184,900.
    A cheaper vehicle, the 540C, is not available in the United States.
    The crashed McLaren resembled a Spider 650S, which starts at $265,500.

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  • McLaren 650 S Totaled In Multi-Vehicle Crash