The McLaren 675LT may be a street-legal car in the strictest sense of the word, but anybody who knows anything about McLaren knows that when the automaker starts using that “LT” nomenclature, the car getting the name is going to have one real purpose: tear down a race track.

That’s probably the best way to describe the 675LT. It’s a track-focused supercar whose mission in life is to run roughshod on any race track it finds. The car follows the same mold as that of its namesake predecessor, the F1 Longtail. Just like the F1 Longtail, the 675LT is a lighter, faster, aerodynamically-enhanced, and more powerful version of the 650. It’s main objective is to give drivers the ultimate track driving experience without actually stepping into a race car.

Recently, the Verge became the latest witnesses to the track capabilities of the 675LT. Judging by the lavish praises thrown the 675LT’s way, it’s safe to say that it performed as good as it’s been hyped to be. The McLaren 675LT definitely has a lot to live up to considering that it’s using the same LT name as the McLaren F1 Longtail.

So far, the car has performed to its billing and if it could talk from beyond the grave, I’d say that the F1 Long Tail would have its own stamp of approval for its spiritual successor.

McLaren 675LT

2016 McLaren 675LT High Resolution Exterior
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