The orgasmic images you’re looking at here aren’t of some wealthy man’s ridiculous car collection, no, these are images of the new McLaren P1 GTR Workshop. The workshop is located in Woking, England just a hop, skip, and jump away from McLaren Special Operations and the McLaren GT race team. Go ahead and wipe the drool off your chin – I’ll wait.

This workshop is part of McLarens P1 GTR Driver Program. Every customer who enters the program gets access to this workshop and a handful of engineers and mechanics like those seen cleaning up a P1 in the middle of the workshop. It looks like a piece of pure heaven, but a lot more goes on here than you might think. This is where the P1 GTR is prepped for races, maintained and stored until it is time to unleash the fury on the race track once again.

As you can see, being part of the P1 GTR program comes with a lot of perks. Even the livery of the cars can be customized in this workshop, with specialists on hand to help each owner get the desired look – that’s why each of the 12 cars you see in these photos are completely unique. I’ve got to say, working with the McLaren team and spending a little time in this workshop wouldn’t be a bad way to spend the weekend. Take a look at all of the photos for yourself, and enjoy a small glimpse into what only a select few get to actually experience.

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McLaren Drops Images Of The P1 GTR Workshop High Resolution Exterior
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I don’t know what to say about these photos except for "wow!" It shocked me to see how clean and organized the shop is, but then again only a special breed of mechanic and engineer are allowed to turn a wrench in this workshop, so I guess it isn’t all that surprising. Can you imagine walking into work and being graced with 12 or more examples of the track-only P1 GTR? The workshop alone is the dream of just about any guy out there, let alone the task of wrenching on one of the best track cars ever built. I love the uniqueness of each car and how each one is parked perfectly between the lift posts. It just goes to show just how much care goes into maintaining these cars. What a sight to see. I sure wouldn’t mind taking a tour of the shop – the only problem being I’d never want to leave.

McLaren P1 GTR

2016 McLaren P1 GTR High Resolution Exterior
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