An extremely rare racecar is being put up for sale in Japan. This McLaren F1 GTR, which just so happens to be the last one built by the super car manufacturer. The McLaren F1’s production run only ran for 100 units, 28 of which were built for private customers to compete in FIA GT and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. That would be impressive, except that chassis number 28R is one of only 10 long tail endurance racers. The extreme bodywork allowed the F1 to be stable at over 200 MPH while flying down the Mulsanne Straight.

This particular long tail McLaren F1 belonged to the “Gulf Team Davidoff” team. The racecar features radical aerodynamic enhancements that included an extended nose and lengthened tail, as well as a wider rear wing for increased down force. For 1997, the F1 also received an enhanced version of the 600 HP BMW Motorsport V12 engine and a sequential transmission as well as a weight reduction of 75 kg over the 1996 model. This resulted in a curb weight of just 915 kg or 2,017 pounds.

Maybe the guy whose McLaren burned to the ground can take some of his insurance settlement and make a play for this very unique racing spec super car.


Source: Carscoop

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  (50) posted on 06.17.2009

i think im in love....

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