There are a few different reasons why McLaren F1s have been selling for north of $10 million recently. Two are obvious: They’re fantastic to drive and only 106 examples were ever built, but the third reason is in the F1’s extraordinary details, which is what this video from EVO Magazine is all about. Fresh off a comparison with its much newer hybrid-hypercar cousin, the P1, EVO decided to take an further look at the F1.

As a McLaren F1 obsessive, I’ve been poring over its details since I first read about it in 1992, but I still learned a few new things in this video. Designer Peter Stevens used onomatopoeia to describe to BMW engineers how he wanted the engine to sound when it started. The horn and headlight switches operate similar to paddle shifters on modern cars. Its exhaust cost more to develop than the cost of the BMW V12. It didn’t come with a radio—just a CD player because Gordon Murray didn’t like radio (he’s still a huge Travelling Wilburys fan). I could go on and on, but you should really just watch for yourself.

McLaren F1

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