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McLaren is Joining Formula E with Help From an Unlikely Collaboration

McLaren is teaming up with a Formula E veteran, but not the one you expect

Formula E has been making massive waves in the world of motorsport ever since the series had its first race in 2014. Some are debating over whether or not the series will properly begin to take on Formula 1 both in terms of ratings, popularity, and sheer entertainment. Before any of that happens though, teams will evolve and a perfect example of that is Nissan providing motors for the upcoming McLaren Formula E team. McLaren will be joining the racing series for the ninth season which is set to kick off in early 2023.

McLaren’s Entry to Formula E

McLaren is Joining Formula E with Help From an Unlikely Collaboration
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The Gen 3 cars do not have rear brakes but instead an extra motor to assist with regenerative braking.

Before this partnership, McLaren has never competed in Formula E but is joining for two reasons. The first is that McLaren is acquiring the Mercedes EQ team and will therefore be replacing it. The second is that McLaren is now working with the Nissan Formula E team to get their powertrains.

"Nissan has proven their knowledge, craft, and commitment over the last four seasons in Formula E, and heading into the Gen3 era, we have full confidence that the collaboration will bring both parties much success," McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown said. "This will be a true partnership that will drive both the team’s performance and the development of the Nissan Formula E powertrain technology."

Meanwhile, Nissan COO Ashwani Gupta said, "Our new partnership with McLaren Racing will be a powerful one, as the association will inspire collaboration and knowledge sharing...[McLaren is] an ideal partner for us in Formula E and as we continue to electrify our vehicles."

Difference between Gen 2 and Gen 3

McLaren is Joining Formula E with Help From an Unlikely Collaboration
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McLaren is also replacing the Mercedes EQ team.

Speaking of which, the powertrains for next season are all new as Formula E is reigning in their Gen3 cars. They consist of a 470 horsepower electric motor on the rear axle as well as a separate motor on the front axle whose sole purpose is to aid in regenerative braking, which is needed as the new cars will not have rear brakes at all.

All this is opposed to the single rear-axle-mounted 335 horsepower version that is currently in use. The new Gen 3 cars are suspected to provide more exciting racing on tracks carved into some of the world’s most famous cities. For starters, the 3rd gen cars are faster with a top speed of 200 mph, up 16 mph from the current model.

McLaren is Joining Formula E with Help From an Unlikely Collaboration
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The new cars will also be more sustainable by recycling the carbon fiber from Gen 2 cars as well as more sustainable tires, which will be recycled after each race. All those changes mean that this is an opportune time for McLaren to join the relatively new racing series as the cars will be drastically changed and the teams will be on more of a level playing field.

The car manufacturers currently set to compete using the Gen 3 car in the ninth season of Formula E are McLaren, Nissan, Jaguar, Maserati, Mahindra, Nio, Porsche, and DS Automobiles.

Source: Nissan

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