Care for a 1:18 scale model of the McLaren 570S Coupe?

McLarens are known to be some of the most collectible exotic cars on the market and those wealthy enough to buy them are not shy about letting everyone know of that. But for the rest of us who can only dream of owning a 675LT or a P1, the British automaker is giving us that opportunity! Okay, before anybody gets excited, McLaren isn’t dropping the prices on its model lineup; that’s not happening. What it did instead was release a lineup of scale models of varying sizes depicting some of today’s hottest McLarens and some of the most iconic models in the automaker’s history. Apparently, these scale models are such a big deal that McLaren itself dedicated an entire press release for it.

One of these models is a 1:43 scale McLaren 675LT that’s dressed in Chicane Grey and is made by German die-cast builder Minichamps. It weighs just 0.12 kg and retails for a price of £55, or about $68 based on current exchange rates. I’m not great at math, but it’s safe to say that the scale model is significantly cheaper than the actual thing. If the 675LT isn’t to your liking, McLaren is also offering other 1:43 scale beauties, including a 1993 McLaren F1 XP-5 dressed in Dark Green with matching gold bits; a McLaren MP4-12C GT3 in McLaren Orange, and the oh-so desirable P1 GTR.

Then there’s the 1:18 scale McLaren 570S Coupe edition. This one was made by Italian crafter Technomodel and it’s arguably the most detailed of them all. In addition to being bigger than the other scale models, it also comes with a carbon fiber effect cushion with its own 570S badge. It also has an exclusive Vermillion Red body color and best of all, its interior is also incredibly detailed with two-tone red leather and dark grey Alcantara seats. Only 50 examples of this 1:18 scale 570S were made, so rest assured it’s likely going to cost a lot more than $68.

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These scale models would make great presents for the coming holiday season

McLaren Launches Detailed Collectible Cars High Resolution Products
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With Halloween just behind us and Thanksgiving a few weeks away, you can understand if some people are gearing up for the upcoming holiday season. You know what would make a great Christmas gift? These new McLaren scale models.

I’ve never been a big fan of collecting car scale models because there’s just too many of them, but I wouldn’t mind getting one of these scale models. The 1:18 scale McLaren 570S Coupe, in particular, would make for a great piece on my desk. The attention-to-detail is incredible and the use of actual leather and Alcantara on the seats just takes up the realism to another level.

Granted, only 50 were made and there’s a good chance that all 50 of them would be scooped up before Christmas, but I can still hope and dream, right?

Press Release

The McLaren 675LT is already one of the lightest supercars available. Now, McLaren has reduced its weight by 99.99% to just 0.12kg in the form of a 1:43 scale model. It’s one of many McLarens available in lightweight, small scale form. From the iconic McLaren F1 to the most recent McLaren 570GT, these models are meticulously made with stunning detail and capture significant liveries.

Delicately showcasing McLaren’s supercars, the collectibles are true scale models chosen to celebrate special editions and icons charting the brand’s history. One of the latest collectibles to join the collection is the 1:18 scale model of the McLaren 570S Coupé edition, handcrafted by Italian family run business Tecnomodel. Sitting on a carbon fibre effect cushion with a 570S badge modelled on the one fitted to the real car embedded into the plaque, the Vermillion Red edition is a work of art in its attention to detail. The model has two-tone red leather and dark grey alcantara seats and gloss black wheels with red calipers, detailing the McLaren name in black on each, as well as the speedmark at the centre of each wheel. The subtle use of carbon fibre on the car is hand painted on the model including the sills that highlight the silver 570S badge on the drivers side. With only 50 pieces made, it’s an example of miniture excellence.

McLaren Launches Detailed Collectible Cars High Resolution Products
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The 1:43 Minichamps model of the 675LT is one of the most recent models to market. The Chicane Grey die cast model with its stealth-like interior is exacting in its details, just like the real thing revealed to the world at the 2015 Geneva International Motor Show. Equally, the 1:43 TSM model of the 1993 McLaren F1 XP-5 in dark green - the car that still holds the world record for the fastest normally-aspirated car - replicates in minute detail everything from the seat belt to the steering wheel and its controls. Peering in, the three seat configuration, the 24 carat gold casing the engine and the perfectly formed roof snorkel are all evident.

Further icons that have miniaturised from McLaren’s past includes the MP4-12C GT3 in McLaren Orange, famed for its 23 victories, 39 podiums, 27 pole positions and three championship titles. The latest McLaren P1TM GTR in its Harrods inspired livery is also available, made famous by its predecessor 1995 Le Mans-competing McLaren F1 in the now famous livery, is also available as part of this collection.

McLaren Launches Detailed Collectible Cars High Resolution Products
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In addition to these icons, the collectibles also takes note of the launch colour schemes of McLaren’s road cars, from the award-winning 675LT Spider in Solice, a colour specially created for this limited edition car, to the most recent 570GT in Pacific Blue. These miniatures created by TSM and Minichamps come either as die cast or resin models. Both work closely with McLaren Automotive through the provision of CAD data to enable both model makers to exactly replicate the real cars, providing a miniature legacy to the brands racing and road car achievements to date.

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