A few months ago, McLaren revealed that they were in the process of producing three vehicles in the coming future, one of which would be the likely successor of the McLaren F1. We all know that one of the three cars on tap to go on sale is the soon-to-be-released MP4-12C, leaving us with two more vehicles to speculate on. So, with speculation comes imagination, and for those with the skills to render a visual interpretation of a car, their imaginations are naturally shot to overdrive.

McLaren LM5 Concept by Matt Wlliams
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Coventry University graduate Matt Williams put is to good use when he created his interpretation of what the F1’s successor would look like. Calling it the McLaren LM5, Williams took elements from the original supercar including the unique three-seat layout with the driver seat on the center and the two other seats on both sides. To add more space to the interior, as well as reduce the overall weight of the car, Williams designed all three seats to be slim-as-can-be and in an apparent homage to McLaren’s rich F1 history, Williams also did away with standard seat belts and opted to use racing-style four-point harnesses for all three seats.

As far as the car’s engine is concerned, Williams decided to import an engine from BMW for his creation. Instead of a McLaren-developed powerplant, the young designer opted to use a BMW M5/M6 V10 engine that produces as much as 700 horsepower, giving justice to a car of McLaren’s stature.

Photos by Matt Williams


Source: diseno-art

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  (515) posted on 02.2.2010

well russians are creating a supercar. they are really keeping up with European Super cars.

  (180) posted on 10.18.2009

This is a bad week for McLaren. First the spider and now, this? There’s go to be a brain behind behind their engineering team. And now is the time to move just before all of you gets busted.

  (183) posted on 10.18.2009

I know concept cars should look futuristic. But not this ugly.

  (177) posted on 10.18.2009

It’s nice with the rusty orange look. But a big no for the plain black. Reminds me of Batman.

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