We’re pretty sure that there aren’t a lot of people in the world that has not been, in some way shape or form, been totally mesmerized by the McLaren MP4-12C. But while a lot of us have been gushing over this car since it was first unveiled a few months back, we still believe that everyone isn’t sold on what the MP4-12C offers.

So to answer all those sceptics who think the super car is not all it’s cracked up to be, McLaren recently released a number of photos of the car, a new website intro, and an animation detailing of what the MP4-12C looks like when its stripped bare.

It’s pretty awesome to take a look at, especially for those who of you who have yet to be made believers out of the car.

We guarantee that after you do, you’ll be just like the rest of us who can’t seem to go past a day without talking about McLaren’s new supercar.


Source: McLaren

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