Dubai is an oasis of hyper-expensive lifestyle in the middle of the Arabian desert. It is home to the tallest building in the world and the most expensive hotel suite, I would guess. Anyway, what this Emirate is also famous for, is its police squad. Renowned for its collection of supercars, the Dubai police certainly need them especially when there are so many privately owned high performance machines around.

Now, to keep a check on the ever growing population of millionaires and their supercars, the Dubai police have added a new squad car to their line-up. Dubai PD have taken delivery of a McLaren MP4-12C. So, if you have a need for speed, the 12C is the last thing you want to see in your rear view mirror.

Much to the relief of supercar owners in the region, the Dubai police use their supercars for promotional purposes and not to chase speeding boy racers. Like all the other cars in the squad, the MP4-12C gets the famous Dubai PD green livery over white base.

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McLaren MP4-12C

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2013 McLaren MP4-12C

The McLaren MP4-12C is a highly sophisticated supercar with a 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 at its heart. McLaren’s highly competent engineers have developed a very trick suspension system for this car and is based around a modern carbon fiber monocoque. The engine on the other hand is capable of developing 616 horsepower @ 7500 rpm and 443 pound-feet of torque @ 3000 rpm.

A 7-speed double-clutch transmission harnesses the power of the engine and allows for quicker and smoother gear shifts. The sprint from 0-60 mph is over in 3.1 seconds and does the quarter mile in 10.6 dead. Top speed is rated at 207 mph. The McLaren may have caught the attention of the world, but some critics have found it too technical and lacking a sense of humor.

That having said, the McLaren 12C does come with flashy doors and a spoiler that rises when you reach a certain speed. The spoiler also doubles as an air-brake. Active aerodynamic systems are at work every time you step on the throttle. Traction control and stability control also make sure you don’t end crashing it.

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