McLaren’s first supercar, the MP4-12C, is all set and ready to go, so McLaren has moved on to a couple of other projects that will surely excite all of the racing fans out there. Apparently, McLaren is prepping two different racing versions of the MP4-12C: a GT2 and a GT3. The official debut will take place in 2012 with only 15 units of the GT3 scheduled for production. The GT2 will see an even smaller run make it to the production line, but no concrete number has been given.

In order to build the GT3 and GT2-specs racecars, McLaren teamed up CRS Racing, a British firm that has seen their fair share of race victories. The duo have already begun working on the GT3s at the McLaren Technology Center near London with the racecar transformation scheduled to take place at CRS’s workshops near the Donington Park circuit.

Plan on seeing the GT3 version compete in the 2012 race season while the GT2-spec car should be set to go in time for the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2013.


Source: Jonsibal

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