The US launch of the new McLaren MP4-12C may have hit a pretty serious stumble block after Inside Line reported that concerns over the car’s viability in the US has turned off a number of US dealership networks into giving the MP4-12C the green light in the US.

Taking the stance of these dealers and given the penny-pinching a lot of Americans are doing these days when it comes to their next auto purchase, the feasibility of selling a supercar – and a six-figure McLaren at that – in the US just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

McLaren was supposed to bring the MP4-12C to Los Angeles for the L.A. Auto Show in December, but with the recent turn of events putting a cloud on the car’s future in the US, the UK-based company has decided to cancel its appearance in the event, giving further credence to the growing uncertainty of the MP4-12C’s future across the Atlantic.
All things considered, the car is still scheduled to make its arrival in the US sometime in the middle of 2010, although expectations should be tempered. For now, at least.


Source: Inside Line

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