Plenty of new accessories are now available to dress up your Super Series McLaren

McLaren counts itself as one of the most exclusive brands in the world and that status comes with certain standards and expectations. One such expectation is to have an extensive personalization division that can distinctive and dramatic design offerings that further enhance the exclusivity of its models. This is where McLaren Special Operations (MSO) takes center stage and just in time for the holidays and the coming new year, MSO is loading up on a lot of new extra options and accessories for its MSO Defined line that’s poised to take McLaren personalization to a whole new level.

The new wave of MSO options area available for current and future owners of any of McLaren’s Super Series models, which includes a wide range of models that run from the 12C to the 675LT. The objective here is to give these new models a fresh shine, so to speak. Whether it’s through exterior upgrades or interior amenities, the objective has always been the same: make these models more personalized to reflect the tastes and preferences of its owners.

For the exterior, McLaren Super Series owners can expect even more carbon fiber options because carbon fiber is awesome. Among the notable additions include a carbon fiber rear diffuser that provides improved airflow and weight reduction. There’s also new carbon fiber mirror arms that can be combined with matching mirror casings and just in case it doesn’t get mentioned, carbon fiber louvered front fenders are also on the MSO Defined menu now. This particular component is an important one since it saves close to 0.5 kilos (1.1 pounds) over the standard version. It’s also a nice nod to the automaker’s storied history in motor racing, which made good use of the material. Last but certainly not leased is a carbon fiber hood that provides visual and performance enhancements for any McLaren Super Series model that gets them.

Move to the interior and the carbon fiber treatment continues in waves. Carbon fiber vent bezels and sill tops are particularly noteworthy, in large part because they add more emphasis to the sporty and driver-focused architecture of a McLaren’s interior. The same can be said for the carbon fiber steering wheel and extended carbon fiber gear shift paddles. Not only are they awesome to look at, but their lightweight nature helps drop even more pounds from the car’s weight. Remember, a lighter McLaren is a faster McLaren.

The extended menu of upgrades included in the McLaren Super Series MSO Defined range should serve McLaren owners well, especially when they’re in the market for more exclusive options to add to their already exclusive supercars. Why even bother go the aftermarket route when McLaren’s MSO Defined range has what you’re looking for, right?

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Why it matters

I’m never going to be able to afford a McLaren, so I can only look longingly at what McLaren’s MSO Defined program is offering here. I have to admit that if I did own a 12C or a 650S or a 675LT, the options that MSO are offering are pretty enticing.

The cosmetics are definitely there on the surface.

The cosmetics are definitely there on the surface. I mean who doesn’t want carbon fiber on their car, and loads of it? I certainly wouldn’t complain and I’m willing to guess that most of you wouldn’t either. Plus, there’s that extra benefit of improving a car’s performance without even touching the engine. Remember, a lighter McLaren is a faster McLaren.

McLaren Offers Aftermarket Personalization Options For Its Super Series Models High Resolution Interior
- image 699232
McLaren Offers Aftermarket Personalization Options For Its Super Series Models High Resolution Interior
- image 699234

In a nutshell, the growing MSO Defined portfolio is McLaren’s way of giving its customers more opportunities to personalize their cars based on their whims and needs. The expanded portfolio provides more choices to do that and rest assured, current and future owners of McLaren Super Series models will no doubt look at these new features with great interest.

That’s good news for McLaren and bad news for the owners’ bank accounts.

Press Release

Current and future McLaren Super Series owners can now refresh the design of their cars through a range of dramatic McLaren Special Operations (MSO) Defined accessories. Offered and installed through McLaren retailers, the options can now be widely applied to any McLaren Super Series models from the 12C to the 675LT and at any point in the car’s ownership. The accessories enhance the dramatic design of the car and in true McLaren fashion, also frequently bring a performance advantage, as a result of weight saving.

McLaren Offers Aftermarket Personalization Options For Its Super Series Models High Resolution Exterior
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Among the exterior embellishments in the MSO Defined Super Series collection are a Carbon Fibre Rear Diffuser, which reduces weight and enhances airflow, and Carbon Fibre Mirror Arms which can be coupled with matching mirror casings. The range also includes Carbon Fibre Louvered Front Fenders, which take inspiration from McLaren historic race cars, such as the renowned 1970 Can-Am winning McLaren M8D to save 0.5 kilograms over the standard equivalent. They feature vented wheel arch liners, to remove turbulent air from under the wheel arches giving more grip over the front axle. Also available is a carbon fibre bonnet that is finished in visual carbon fibre for increased impact, as seen on the limited-edition McLaren 650S Can-Am model.

McLaren Offers Aftermarket Personalization Options For Its Super Series Models High Resolution Exterior
- image 699231

Interior enhancements begin with MSO Defined Carbon Fibre Vent Bezels. Carbon Fibre Sill Tops highlight the driver-focused design of the cabin, as well as protect the sills of the MonoCell structure. While likely to interest the track day enthusiasts are a Carbon Fibre Steering Wheel, which can be trimmed in leather or Alcantara®, and Extended Carbon Fibre Gear Shift Paddles.

McLaren Offers Aftermarket Personalization Options For Its Super Series Models High Resolution Interior
- image 699232

Carl Whipp, Aftersales Director at McLaren Automotive, commented: “The growing MSO Defined portfolio gives customers an opportunity to further personalise their cars and significantly expands our wider accessories portfolio. We have experienced significant interest in the MSO Defined range on Super Series cars being ordered new and we are now very pleased to be bringing these features to a wider group of customers as a retrofit choice.”

The aftermarket enhancements in the Super Series MSO Defined range are available for existing owners and new customers purchasing through the Qualified programme.

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