McLaren P1 Aims to Crush Nurburgring and Top Gear Lap Records

2014 McLaren P1 Exterior AutoShow
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When McLaren was testing the P1 prototypes, it announced that the company will focus on obtaining the best street and track performance, while top speed was left in second place. In an interview at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, Ron Dennis announced the P1 will smash world records on both the Nürburgring and the Top Gear lap record at Dunsfold.

He claimed that the P1 will lap Nürburgring in under 7 seconds - a very ambitious plan considering the only two models that have managed to obtain this result were the Radical SR8 (6:55) and SR8 LM (6:48). Considering the MP4-12C lapped the famous ring in just 7:28, we presume that all the updates the P1 received are enough to considerably improve the supercar’s lap time.

When it comes about the Top Gear lap record, Dennis announced the lap time will be improved by 10 seconds when compared to the time obtained by the Pagani Huayra.

We are not too sure if these results will really be obtained, but for sure it was an attempt to steal the show back from the LaFerrari.


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  (548) posted on 04.12.2013

This car looks so futuristic, modern and cute. I did not realize how the yellow and black colors could be combined to make the car look stunning and well-defined. The doors are really my favorite since it is not the usual doors that I have used before. I guess this car is expensive.

  (1) posted on 03.8.2013

It’s over 40 years since I lapped the Nurburgring in 9 minutes +, so I am mightily impressed by the Ron Dennis prediction of under 7 seconds, truly the speed of light!!

  (5) posted on 03.7.2013

I dont know it can beat the pagani but it sure lokks good enough to

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