• McLaren P1 for Sale in Dubai for $2 Million

McLaren will make just 375 examples of the P1 hypercar and each one of them is sold. Now that there are none left, one would have to wait for a P1 to pop up on the used-car market. Almost certainly, it won’t come cheap, as the standard car costs over a million dollars and given that 73 percent of the 375 units have been ordered with various options and personalized interiors, finding a basic, used McLaren P1 would be pretty difficult.

Having said that, if you do happen to have $2 million in spare cash lying around and have the urge to buy one for yourself, then you’re in luck. A dealership in Dubai is offering a used McLaren P1 for sale. Keep in mind that the term "used" is more of a technicality than anything, as it actually has zero miles on the odometer. The dealership bought the car direct from McLaren, which technically makes it a used car. This is currently the only known McLaren P1 for sale.

This specific example of the McLaren P1 has a yellow exterior with carbon-fiber trims and a black interior. You can checkout the car here.

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2014 McLaren P1

2014 McLaren P1 Exterior AutoShow
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The McLaren P1 is the latest hypercar to enter the market. It replaces the legendary McLaren F1 and like the F1, McLaren will only make a limited number of this new beast. Out of the 375 examples McLaren plans to produce, all have been sold. There are no new P1s left to buy, but that does not mean we aren’t excited to talk about it. Simply put, the McLaren P1 is the next-generation hypercar.

Under its wind-tunnel-sculpted. carbon-fiber body lies a 3.8-liter, twin-turbocharged V-8 engine, that couples with a hybrid powertrain to produce 903 horsepower and simply astronomical levels of torque. The car is based around a carbon-fiber tub, much like the Formula 1 cars McLaren produces. The hybrid powertrain uses a complex torque vectoring system and comes with a push-to-pass button. Press this and the car drains out all the batteries to provide optimal thrust.

The McLaren P1 uses active aerodynamics to keep it planted to the road. The massive rear wing adjusts itself depending on various complex numerical calculations involving yaw sensors, g-sensors, traction level, speed, etc, etc. It definitely is a science lesson on wheels.

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