McLaren made headlines everywhere when it announced that part of its future business plan, “TRACK 22,” included the development of a pure electric vehicle for the Ultimate Series. The said vehicle would be positioned above the 675LT and below the crazy P1. That announcement came from McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt back in July of this year, and just a couple of months later, we’re sitting here looking at an all-electric McLaren P1. It doesn’t have the 300-mile range or a top speed of 200 mph as expected but, given the price and its compact nature, that’s no big deal at all.

See, this isn’t a car that you purchase, lock away in the garage, and take to the track on occasion. The most compact car ever built by McLaren is actually made for those without a driver’s license. More specifically, those around six years of age. Be that as it may, this thing is every bit a McLaren as it’s road- and track-going brethren. First off, it has a central driving position that can be traced back to the McLaren F1 and it has those awesome Dihedral doors.

But, that’s not all. This little supercar is the first ever open-top McLaren P1. As an official McLaren, it should come as no surprise that its performance is top notch. To put it simply, it can go from zero to maximum speed in just two seconds. Power is sent from the electric motors to the rear wheels via a three-speed forward transmission with reverse. Furthermore, there is an MP3 player and audio system as standard equipment that is pre-programmed with popular nursery rhymes. There’s a start/stop button that activates the lights and “air conditioning” unit, which is probably just a small fan, but cool nonetheless.

McLaren is calling this little EV The Ride On McLaren P1TM. It’s available in just one color, Volcano Yellow, and has a top speed of about three mph. It goes on sale at the end of October 2016 at selected McLaren retailers and will later be available from global toy retailers. Pricing is set at £375 or about $486 at current exchange rates.

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Why it matters

It’s pretty cool to see McLaren stepping into the toy industry a bit with the with this little electric supercar. It’s not exactly the all-electric McLaren we’ve all been dying to see, but it’s at least, in one way or another, a step in the right direction. If nothing else, it reinforces that idea that McLaren is seriously looking to electrification. Even though we won’t see a successor to the P1 probably won’t arrive until at least 2023, I have a feeling that we’ll see an all-electric McLaren much sooner – possibly even by 2020. And, until then, at least you can get joy out of watching your little one speed up and down the driveway in his all-electric McLaren

McLaren P1 Specs

Peak power 903 horsepower
Peak torque 1,100 pound-feet est
0 to 200 KM/H (124 MPH) 6.8 Seconds
0 to 300 KM/H (186 MPH) 16.5 Seconds
1/4-Mile 9.8 Seconds At 152 MPH
Top Speed 217-mph, limited
Fuel Economy) 34 MPG Combined
CO2 Emissions 194 G/KM

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Press Release

Photo Credit: McLaren

McLaren Automotive has already revealed that one of the key strategies of its TRACK 22 business plan is the development of a Pure Electric Vehicle (or EV) to one day sit in its Ultimate Series. Meanwhile a Pure EV based on today’s McLaren P1™ is now available but only to a limited group of potential customers ... those under the age of six. At least that’s the official guidance.

The diminutive McLaren P1™ differs from its larger brother in two important areas. Firstly, it has a central driving position, just like the iconic McLaren F1. Then secondly, the young will be able to experience what adults never could: an open-top McLaren P1™. Yet cleverly the design still retains McLaren’s signature dihedral doors. And like every McLaren, its acceleration is startling. The zero to maximum speed dash takes just two seconds.

The car surges into life via a one-button stop/start function automatically activating the lights and ‘air-conditioning’ unit. An MP3 player and audio system is standard and helpfully already pre-programmed with every popular nursery rhyme. It also features a reverse gear in addition to its three speed, forward transmission. Handy if you’ve arrived at the wrong playground.

In a contrast to McLaren’s usual policy of offering limitless colour and trim combinations, this time the choice for the busy six year old is made easy with only one colour on offer: Volcano Yellow.

The Ride On, electric McLaren P1TM is the first officially licensed product from McLaren Automotive to enter this growing market segment and is the most compact car yet to wear the McLaren badge. Hence customers ideally should be between three and six years old to drive it. Although young drivers beyond this age group might also fit.

It will be available from the end of October first from selected McLaren Automotive retailers around the world priced at £375.00, followed by recognised global toy retailers.

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