The line between road-going supercars and full fledged race cars used to be more distinct. Not that you never saw racing versions of supercars, but they usually had to be heavily modified in order to go racing. But then the McLaren F1 won Le Mans, followed a few years later by a win from the 1995-1999 Porsche 911 GT1, and really fast cars started being designed with the idea in mind of being both street and race cars. This has never been more true than it is with the current round of hypercars, which includes the F1’s successor, the P1. In racing form, it is the 2016 McLaren P1 GTR, and here we see it on the track hitting 202mph.

The car is wearing the historic Harrod’s livery that 1995-1997 McLaren F1 GTR chassis No.06R wore at Le Mans. But it looks just as good 20 years later, and it fits the P1 GTR just as well as it did the F1 GTR with very little changed. The video shows the car on a track in the south of France, where it looks perfectly at home. The only real complaint with the video would have to be that the music sometimes gets in the way of the engine noise. I don’t know why some idiot insists on music so often. There’s nothing romantic about a 200-mph adrenaline rush, and it’s own soundtrack is the correct one. Okay? Please?

2016 McLaren P1 GTR

2016 McLaren P1 GTR High Resolution Exterior
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The video even features a few shots of the dash, just to make sure that nobody doubts the car really hit 202 mph. Hard to imagine anyone doubting it, but the proof is there anyway. It doesn’t really tell you anything you didn’t already know about the car, but it’s always good to see well-produced footage of cool cars driving fast. Well, except for the music.

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