Is it us or is the McLaren P11 supercar making some sort of track-testing world tour?

Days after being spotted in Bahrain doing a few test laps, McLaren’s latest creation was again spotted doing another testing session, this time, at the Nurburgring Nordschleife circuit in Germany.

As was the case in Dubai, the P11 is still wrapped under some – and we’ll be honest – pretty hideous camouflage. Nevertheless, the car is expected to look nothing like the zebra-striped abomination we’ve been seeing for the past couple of months.

We can definitely say for sure that as soon as the covers are lifted; expect the P11 – or whatever its name is going to be – to be nothing short of spectacular.

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The car is being billed as the next generation McLaren supercar, following in the exhaust trails of the SLR and is also being looked at as the new rival of Ferrari’s latest creation, the 458 Italia.

If it hopes to go toe-to-toe with the 458, the P11 needs every ounce of power and speed it can muster. Judging by the rumoured specs in the car – including the rumoured Mercedes V8 engine – as well as the F1-inspired technologies like the sequential gearbox and the new Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS), it looks like the P11 is ready to hold its own, not just against the 458 Italia, but against any other supercar brave enough to go nose-to-nose with it.

There’s still no timetable as to when the P11 is going to be unveiled, let alone released. It has been rumoured though, that McLaren is planning on rolling out 1,000 of these bad boys by 2011.

Source: CarsUK

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