An "LT" sub-brand is in the works, and it could open up new levels of performance for existing and future models

McLaren’s plan to launch 15 new models in the span of the next six years isn’t a new development as the British automaker already laid out this strategy, called Track22, in March at the Geneva Motor Show. Since then, new details have emerged about the company’s long-arching plan, with one of the most significant being the plan to build on the success of the 675LT and turn the “LT” name into its own track-focused sub-brand. Considering that this comes a day after reports suggest McLaren is developing a F1-inspired supercar, I’d say that Woking has been keeping itself incredibly busy these days.

The LT sub-brand is an admittedly new wrinkle to McLaren’s Track22 plan, one that we haven’t heard of before. Details are still scarce on what the new sub-brand will look like, but given McLaren’s recent history of using the LT name on the aforementioned 675LT, it would make sense that the sub-brand would soon include similar variants of other McLaren models. For instance, there have been some rumors that McLaren was considering giving the 570S its own LT variant in the future. That hasn’t happened yet, but with this new report, it might end up coming to fruition within the next six years.

McLaren sales and marketing boss Jolyon Nash also told Autocar that an “extra-hardcore LT model for the Sport Series is part of McLaren’s plan provided that “interest in the model family remains good.” While he did throw out that small caveat at the end, he is suggesting that an LT version will arise from any of the automaker’s roster of Sports Series models. That includes the 570S, although he could also be talking about the entry level 540C or the series topping 570S GT.

In any case, a new LT sub-brand adds yet another interesting layer to McLaren’s long-term plans, as if the company didn’t have enough of these layers already.

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Why it matters

It wasn’t that long ago that McLaren’s model lineup consisted of the MP4-12C and, well, nothing else. Now, we’re talking about more expansions in the wake of more models being talked about in the near and far future. My, how things have changed over in Woking. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to see that McLaren is aggressively pushing its expansion plans with the relentless we haven’t seen from the company in a while.

From establishing three distinct families – the Sports Series, Super Series, and Ultimate Series – to filling up those families with new models, the British supercar brand is looking a lot like a company that’s determined to see its Track22 plan come to fruition. Today, it has six models. In six years, it’s going to have 15 new models, including whatever comes out of this plan to expand the LT name into its own sub-brand. There’s also a talk of at least seven new hybrid models, replacements for existing models, and the piece de resistance, a McLaren F1-inspired, gasoline-powered supercar that will become the second McLaren to be included in the ultra exclusive Ultimate Series alongside the P1 hypercar.

Again, this isn’t the McLaren that we previously knew about; this is a new and far more aggressive McLaren that’s determined to etch its status in the supercar industry alongside long-standing rivals Ferrari and Lamborghini. If it isn’t obvious by now, then in six years’ time, when the Track22 strategy runs its course, don’t be surprised if we’re talking about McLaren with the kind of reverence normally attached to the best in the business. It’s already making a strong case now, I can’t imagine what kind of argument it’ll have when it has all these supercars at its disposal.

McLaren 675LT

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