North American sales accounted for the biggest piece of the company’s sales pie

McLaren’s aggressive expansion plans isn’t happening by accident. The British automaker’s push to roll out new models is partly due to the company’s expanding business profile, which posted record-setting sales numbers for 2015, the third consecutive year that the company has experienced a sales growth.

A total of 1,654 cars were sold by McLaren all over the world, a 0.06 percent increase from its sales volume in 2014. The total is actually just five more than the 1,649 units it sold in 2014, but reading between the lines shows that McLaren’s sales trajectory is still pointed north. Of the total sales, North America accounted for the biggest piece of the pie with 519 units finding new homes throughout the region. McLaren’s dealership in Dallas, Texas posted the most number of McLarens sold among all of the automaker’s dealership all over the world.

That’s a good indication that the British automaker is beginning to get recognized in the U.S. and North America. That continues to be the case in 2016 where sales of McLaren models have continued to increase at a rapid pace. In the first six months of the year alone, 451 cars have already been sold and the company expects to eclipse last year’s total haul sometime in August, with the four “holiday” months still coming.

If that’s not enough to get Woking to smile from ear to ear, the arrival of the volume-driven Sports Series will likely boost McLaren’s sales even further, possibly doubling the total sales figures from last year. If the Sports Series lineup becomes a sales hit among McLaren’s loyal fan base, expectations are that close to 1,100 units will be sold in North America by year’s end, adding to the total projection of 3,000 sold units all over the world.

It’s a great time to be a part of McLaren with the success it’s been pulling in with the record sales. More importantly, this hot run is proof that the British automaker’s long-term Track22 plan is coming at the right time.

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Why it matters

When McLaren Automotive was launched in 2010, there weren’t a lot of people who thought that the company would grow to this degree this quickly. Even if you look at the company’s sales volume in 2015, it’s not going to your mind away. But you also have to consider circumstances here. The road car division is just over five years old and yet, it’s already on its way to becoming one of the most popular exotic car brands in the world.

So yes, this is a big deal for McLaren, especially when you consider that it has already sold more units in North America in the first half of the year (451) than the total sales number of the McLaren 12C back in 2011 (400).

McLaren obviously benefits from having one of the most aggressive research and development divisions in the entire industry. The automaker has relied heavily on that to not only expand its lineup, but also offer super exotics like the McLaren P1 that is considered one of the finest cars in the world today.

At this rate, expect 2016 to be McLaren’s real banner year as sales numbers are expected to double with new models being launched soon. This is also the year when the company unveiled its long-term strategy, one that as the days go by, looks more and more realistic. It’s a good place to be in for McLaren and I’m sure that the automaker knows that. It’s a big reason why the company is shooting for the stars with the expansion of its lineup. It knows that the “McLaren” name is well on its way to becoming one of the most respected performance brands in the world, if it’s not there already.

Press Release

McLaren North America celebrated its fourth anniversary in 2015 with another year of immense growth, maintaining its position as the brand’s most profitable region globally. The company continued its unprecidented growth performance with strong vehicle sales in 2015, meeting ongoing demand with an increased retail presence and expanding employee base.

“Our continued growth and momentum over the last few years, coupled with strong 2015 sales is evidence of our commitment to continue McLaren on its current path of success,” said Anthony Joseph, President of McLaren North America. “With increasing sales numbers, a growing retailer network and strong product portfolio, we have a solid

foundation for the upcoming year.”


Following final deliveries of the iconic McLaren P1™, the introduction of the McLaren 675LT Coupe replaced the Ultimate Series volume while 650S sales remained constant, representing the majority of the 519 cars sold in 2015, an increase from the year prior. With only 30 of the new 570S Sports Series model retailed in 2015, 2016 promises to dramatically increase volume. 253 vehicles were retailed between January - June of 2015, while 451 cars were sold during the same time period in 2016. This 78 percent increase YTD puts the company on track to shatter previous sales figures in 2016, with projections to reach 1,100 cars by the end of the year.

McLaren Qualified Certified Pre-Owned sales were also up in 2015, with 221 cars sold in the first full year of the McLaren Qualified Certified Pre-Owned Program. McLaren expects this rapid growth to continue, with January-June CPO sales already up 100 percent from the same period in 2015.


McLaren Automotive launched five new models in 2015, including the unveiling of the Sports Series, Super Series and Ultimate Series product families.

The Sport Series, first introduced at the New York International Auto Show in April 2015, was a pivotal moment in the short history of McLaren Automotive. Charged with more than doubling the company’s global sales volume in the coming years, the McLaren 570S has gone on to receive many accolades including the Red Dot Award for Product Design, Robb Report’s “Best of the Best” award, Automobile Magazine’s “All Star” award, and numerous other honors. Despite its showroom arrival in late 2015, customer demand remains high and there is currently a six month waiting list for the model in North America.

Although the brand said goodbye to production of its game-changing McLaren P1TM in 2015, the limited edition 675LT Coupe was introduced at the Geneva International Motor Show that March, reviving the famous “Long Tail” name from McLaren’s illustrious motor racing history. The 675LT Coupe was followed by the announcement of an unplanned Spider variant in December, which sold out in only two weeks and just began deliveries last month.

The 570GT was added to the Sports Series family at the Geneva International Motor Show in March 2016. As production prepares to commence there is already a six month wait list for this model in North America, despite the car being shown in-market for the first time this past weekend.


In 2015, the McLaren North America retail network grew by 31 percent with new dealerships in Boston, Houston, Northern New Jersey, Palm Beach and Rancho Mirage. With plans to open a new showroom in Montreal later this year, the brand projects a total of 22 retailers across North America by the end of 2016.

The existing retail network in North America also celebrated notable success last year. McLaren Dallas was once again the number one volume dealer globally, having had particular sales success with the Super Series models and building a 570S order bank. McLaren Philadelphia won the award for Retailer of the Year thanks to their efforts in supporting the brand across sales, marketing and aftersales.

Retailers have recently been supported by new showroom tools such as the availability of retail financing and competitive leasing options thanks to McLaren North America’s agreement with Ally Financial.


Employment at McLaren North America has also kept pace with the increase in sales volume, with headcount more than doubling since the opening of the New York headquarters in 2010. The brand saw a 68 percent increase in its North American workforce during 2015 in anticipation of the additional Sport Series volume, new dealer appointments and continued internal developments.


Looking forward, McLaren Automotive has revealed details of its Track22 Business Plan, taking it through to 2022. With a continued focus on building the world’s finest two-seater sports and super cars, the business plan reiterates a commitment to its industry-leading 20-25 percent of turnover invested in Research and Development for future products and technology. Over the six-year Business Plan period, this represents an investment of more than $1 billion and will lead to the launch of 15 all-new cars or derivatives. Of these cars, at least 50 percent will feature hybrid technology by the end of the Business Plan period, and the company is also in the early prototype stages of the development of a fully-electric powertrain to evaluate its possible use in a future generation of an Ultimate Series car.


As McLaren Automotive continues to drive business forward, the brand prepares for its involvement in the upcoming world-renowned Monterey Car Week, held the weekend of August 20th in Monterey, California. Throughout the car week attendees will have an opportunity to experience the brand at the Bernardus Lodge & Spa, which is open to anyone who wishes to stop by, and will feature the entire McLaren range – including the first public showings of the 570GT and 570 Sprint models in the US. In addition to current models, there will be a display of significant McLaren race cars from years past, which will be fired to life throughout the weekend.

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