Less than two months have passed since McLaren unveiled the track-exclusive P1 GTR at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, and word has it the Brits are already working on a new P1-based supercar. Specifically, McLaren is supposedly bringing the P1 GTR race car to the streets in a limited-edition run of only 25 units.

So McLaren converted the bonkers P1 into a race car and it’s now reversing the process for an even more powerful, road-legal supercar? Where do I sign up?

The scoop comes from MotorTrend’s Jonny Lieberman, who only a couple of weeks ago spread rumors about Ferrari preparing a competitor for the McLaren 570S and Porsche 911 Turbo S. Lieberman’s tweet doesn’t include a source, but he mentions the street-legal GTR would cost £2 million (about $3 million). Not exactly a bargain, even for a supercar, but not a lot more expensive than the track-confined P1 GTR, priced from £1.98 million (around $2.96 million).

"McLaren’s MSO is prepping 25 P1 GTRs for the street. Only £2M, or $3M. More info when it comes #McLaren #MSO #P1 #P1GTR," Lieberman said on his Twitter account.

Of course, the road-legal P1 GTR is far from official, so make sure you keep those salt shakers nearby. Also, make sure you stay tuned to TopSpeed for further information on the matter.

Continue reading to learn more about the street-legal McLaren P1 GTR.

Why it matters

We obviously don’t know much about the road-legal P1 GTR or whether it will become more than just a rumor, but just the possibility of seeing such a monster on public roads is as exciting as it gets. The aggressive body kit and the 986-horsepower rating will not only make it the meanest and most powerful, road-going McLaren to date, but it will also place it above the LaFerrari in terms of output and performance. Sounds like Maranello needs to start considering a street-legal version of the FXX K.

McLaren P1 GTR

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Built in only 35 units and sold to customers who have already purchased the road-legal P1, the P1 GTR is essentially the modern-day F1 we would see racing at Le Mans should it be eligible for the event. But although it won’t get to race for 24 hours against Audi, Porsche and Toyota prototypes, the P1 GTR will get its fair share of track action thanks to its customer racing program, which will include events on various F1 courses around the world.

Enhanced by an aggressive aero kit that provides greater levels of grip, aerodynamics and downforce than the road car, the GTR also received an upgraded drivetrain that now cranks out 986 horsepower, 83 more than the street-legal supercar. Pricing starts from £1.98 million and includes a full racing program with private consultations with the McLaren team and access to one of the company’s dedicated racing simulators.

Find out more about the P1 GTR in our full review here.

Source: Twitter

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