• McLaren’s Future Plans Include P15, P16 And New 2+2

There has been a lot of talk about McLaren’s known plan to launch a new model each year by 2019, but very few details have oozed from Woking, England until now. We do know there’s a track-speed P1 GTR and a more affordable P13 in the pipeline, and that a new supercar is scheduled to hit the streets in 2016. The rest of the McLaren lineup was still a mystery until today, as Automobile managed to dig up even more details surrounding the company’s upcoming expansion.

According to the magazine, McLaren’s drawing board is already full. Besides the P13 and P1 GTR set to arrive within the next couple of years, the Brits are developing a near-supercar, likely to slot between the 650S and the P1, as well as a replacement for the 650S. The two are reportedly scheduled to break cover between 2017 and 2019, with a brand-new sports car with a 2+2 seating configuration to follow in 2020.

Sounds like the Brits are elbows deep into their new strategy to conquer the sports car and supercar markets.

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McLaren P16

Developed to replace the newly-unveiled 650S, the P16 is reported to arrive for the 2017 model year. Production will commence with a Coupe model, with a Spider version to follow in 2018. A year later, a track-tuned GTS version is rumored to launch as well.

Although the P16 won’t be much faster than the the 650S, the upcoming sports car is said to offer superior acceleration and greater cornering speeds. The latter feat would be enhanced by a semi-active suspension currently under development. Naturally, the P16 will emit less CO2 than the 650S.

Expect technologies like hydro-electric yaw control, anti-squat, anti-dive, roll compensation, and torque vectoring to find their way into the P16 as well. An improved hybrid powertrain is also in the books, alongside a smaller, V-6 engine that could displace only 2.9 liters.

McLaren P15

2019 McLaren Speedtail Exclusive Renderings
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Very little is known about the P15, which should hit showrooms floors in 2019, but it’s only natural to assume that it will slot right between the P1 and the 650S’ successor. Although initially it was believed that power might come from the same 3.8-liter, V-8 engine used for the current lineup, that could change over the next four years. Expect hybridization to gain more importance with McLaren and for the electric motors to contribute more to the 750 horses that are rumored to motivate the P15.


The yet unnamed 2+2 will mark the beginning of a new era for McLaren. The company’s 2+2 is expected to sit on a stretched P16 tub and aim toward the North American and Chinese markets. The report adds the Brits are even considering a front-mid-engine configuration. While it may sound like a crazy idea given McLaren’s tradition with mid-engined cars, such a configuration would work better with two additional seats in the back. The said model should arrive in 2020.

Why It Matters

Although the claims in Automobile’s report might seen far-fetched, the fact that McLaren is known as an engineering-driven company adds a bit of credibility. Mind you, Woking leaves nothing to chance, and the Brits have shown that with both the P1 and the 650S. If things go according to plan, McLaren is set to join the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini at the top of the sports car market in five to six years in terms of lineup diversity and prestige.

McLaren P13

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The P13 is the first new McLaren product to hit the market next year. The sports car will go into production right after the last P1 leaves the assembly line. Developed to challenge the Porsche 911, the P13 will borrow several styling cues from the 650S, which, in turn, is inspired by both the P1 and the discontinued MP4-12C.

Power will come from the same 3.8-liter, V-8 engine motivating the 650S, but expect output to sit between 400 and 500 horsepower. Pricing-wise, the P13 is rumored to cost about $200,000, making it cheaper than the MP4-12C, but more expensive than the Porsche 911.

Source: Automobilemag

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