The BP23 is the next big thing in the supercar world!

When McLaren unveiled the P1 back in 2013, it labeled it as a successor to the iconic F1. But even though it had everything it needed to take the F1’s legacy into the future performance-wise, it lacked some of the features that made the company’s first supercar truly special. McLaren is looking to fix that by creating a new three-seat vehicle with the driver placed in the middle. The new supercar was already confirmed with the codename BP23 and described as a "hyper GT" only a week ago, and the British firm has already unveiled new facts about it.

According to company CEO Mike Flewitt, BP23 will be built in very limited numbers that will match the F1’s 106-unit production. That’s a significant decrease from the P1’s 375-example run. Flewitt also said that the hypercar is already sold, with all units being accounted for almost as soon as BP23 was announced.

"When we did finally announce it, we were absolutely inundated with applications. I had to find polite ways to say, ’No,’" Flewitt said.

It’s also worth noting that the three-seat supercar will cost a whopping £2 million, which converts to $2.5 million as of March 2017. Customers reportedly had to deposit a five-figure sum and had to have a history buying McLarens. Needless to say, most BP23s will likely end up with enthusiasts that already own an F1 or a P1. Or both.

Not much is known about the upcoming hypercar, but McLaren described it as the "most powerful and most aerodynamic" road-going car it ever produced. McLaren also released a rendering of the car, showing a flowing, organic design with muscular fenders, a massive, race-inspired diffuser, and slender taillights. Chances are that the BP23 will introduce a new styling language for the company.

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Why it Matters

It might seem shocking that McLaren has already sold the entire BP23 production in a matter of days (or maybe even hours), but it’s not. The simple association with the original F1 is worth millions in the eyes of supercar and McLaren collectors and the company’s recent projects have turned the small British firm into a true competitor for high-profile supercar brands. The fact that 106 cars worth at least $2.5 million each were sold quicker than any other supercar out there, including the fantastic Ferrari LaFerrari and Bugatti Chiron, speaks volumes of the popularity McLaren enjoys among enthusiasts. And just for kicks, the 106 BP23 are worth a cool $265 million before options. Pretty impressive huh?

Source: Automotive News

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