When you’re an automaker like McLaren that has a small lineup and limited production numbers, it’s only natural that some people out there will want more. According to Robert Melville, McLaren’s Chief Designer, most people at McLaren have been asked about things like McLaren building an SUV, or even motorcycles. It doesn’t mean that McLaren is going to jump into building an SUV, bike, or four-seater any time in the foreseeable future, but Melville did have something to say about it.

“With MSO, we did a car a few years ago that was harking back to coachbuilding. If you come to MSO, we could design you an all-new body. We can design you whatever you want, if you have the money for it.”

Melville agreed that MSO could indeed build a four-seater SUV. To do so, however, McLaren Special Operations would have to design a whole new carbon fiber tub, which would cost millions. A new architecture would have to be created because McLaren’s current platform just wouldn’t work for something like an SUV. For the right price, though, MSO sure would put in the work. Aside from the price, one really has to wonder just how long it would take for MSO to design and build such an SUV.

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Why it matters

I think it would be pretty cool to see a bespoke McLaren SUV. It’s not like McLaren hasn’t done some pretty interesting one-off vehicles in the past. Think about the McLaren 650S Can-Am, for instance. Of course, that isn’t as extreme as a McLaren SUV, but it goes to show that McLaren will cater to your needs, if you have enough cheddar.

To be honest, the idea of a bespoke SUV from McLaren has my mind wondering. What kind of engine configuration would it use – mid, rear, dare I say front? You might say such an SUV would compete with some higher-end SUVS like the Bentley Bentayga or Range Rover Sport SVR, but only to a certain extent.

We’re talking about a totally unique, multi million-dollar SUV sporting a McLaren badge – I don’t see how anything could compete with that. It would be truly unique, and I bet a lot of overly-wealthy indulgers out there would be extremely jealous. Me, on the other hand, I would just like to see some pictures of the finished project. I sure wouldn’t want to touch it though, as just the fear of damaging something is a bit too much for me.

2016 McLaren 650S Can-Am

2016 McLaren 650S Can-Am High Resolution Exterior
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