• McLaren Star Lando Norris WIll Rock A Helmet Designed By A Six-Year-Old At Silverstone

The F1 driver organized an online competition to pick his next one-off helmet design

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Formula 1 is being dominated by Mercedes at the moment but the wealth of young talent in motorsport’s highest echelon makes us hopeful for the future. Ferrari’s got Charles Leclerc, Red Bull is all in on Max Verstappen while Williams’ hopes rest on the shoulders of George Russell.

McLaren too has a young gun up its sleeve in Lando Norris, one of the paddock’s more colorful and playful characters, a side he’s once again showing off with his latest unique helmet design he’ll use during this weekend’s British Grand Prix. Why is it playful and quirky? Because it was designed by a first-grader.

The design is simple but effective

McLaren Star Lando Norris WIll Rock A Helmet Designed By A Six-Year-Old At Silverstone
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We’re sure that, if you’re following F1, you’re all too familiar with the way the likes of Hamilton or Vettel - especially during his Red Bull days - use to seemingly change their helmets every other race. One flamboyant, colorful design is followed by another making it hard for fans to even tell them apart. Long gone are the days of simple, yet emblematic designs such as Jackie Stewart’s white lid that was only adorned by the Scottish plaid scheme or Mario Andretti’s silver helmet merely featuring a red stripe. Or are they?

Lando Norris wowed his Twitch followers during a live stream this week when he unveiled the new look of his helmet that he’ll be using this weekend when he’ll be back racing McLaren’s 2020 F1 contender, the very orange MCL35. The helmet is white with crayon drawings all around. Lando’s name is skittishly written in blue and orange on either side and there’s even a bulky representation of the MCL35 on the back of the helmet.

This is all the work of Eva, a six-year-old fan of Norris' whose parents entered the competition on her behalf.

"I love it – it’s very original," said Norris during the unveil. "We went through a huge amount of designs, probably thousands of them… I wanted to go with something that was just very original, something I wasn’t used to, something that probably means a lot to the person, and it means a lot to me. It reminds me of myself when I was younger, designing helmets, drawing away when I was five or six years old," the Briton added.

McLaren Star Lando Norris WIll Rock A Helmet Designed By A Six-Year-Old At Silverstone
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This isn’t the first time Norris will race with a one-off helmet design as he used a hand-painted helmet during last year’s Japanese Grand Prix and also payed tribute during the Italian GP weekend by running a Valentino Rossi-inspired helmet.

Other drivers, too have been seen with unique helmet designs such as the Lauda tribute helmets used by both Vettel and Leclerc during the Monaco GP last year. Also at Monaco, but back in 2012, Kimi Raikkonen raced while his head was being protected by a James Hunt tribute helmet.

Source: F1.com

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