• McLaren Teases a Lego Champions Senna in London Toy Store: Video

McLaren proves that you can build hype for anything

Lego’s Speed Champions collection comprises some of the world’s most exotic machinery such as the Le Mans-winning Porsche 919, the Bugatti Chiron or the Ferrari LaFerrari. Now, a new hypercar is poised to join the lineup of the construction toy manufacturer’s collection. It’s McLaren’s ludicrous Senna, and it won’t be released until after Christmas, but McLaren already released the first teaser video.

You know how most manufacturers let some darkened images slip through the cracks showcasing whatever new model they plan on launching at an upcoming moment in time. McLaren has taken the idea to the world of Lego toys and dully made a fun video showing the soon-to-be-released McLaren Senna in Lego guise. It’s proving the point that, if you want, you can build hype for just about anything.

Who Wants a Downsized McLaren Senna that you can Build Yourself?

Lego is unarguably one of the most famous toy manufacturers in the world. That they have tied relationships with some of the world’s top automakers is also no secret. While their most mouth-watering creations are to be found under the Lego Technic umbrella - like that GT3 RS -, some more affordable scale models are to be found in the Speed Champions collection.

According to the Lego website, this collection is supposed to put children in the driver seat, as they race cars by the likes of McLaren, Porsche, and Ferrari." But don’t worry, it’s perfectly acceptable for an adult to get down to business and assemble one of these cheeky-looking toys.

Just as cheeky is McLaren's new sneak peek video showcasing, for less than a second that is, a new model that's due to join the Speed Champions collection in January.

According to an amusing statement released by the Woking-based manufacturer, "the car’s brick-based construction has made it necessary for development to move from McLaren’s usual secret facility near Idiada in Spain to a busy Lego Store in Central London." The video shows the model speeding through the frame wearing what looks to be camouflage stickers. I bet some of you are already keeping their fingers crossed for Lego to release the kit just like that.

McLaren Teases a Lego Champions Senna in London Toy Store: Video
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McLaren says that this is only the first installment of this online story that will continue to unwrap itself, probably showcasing the development process that goes on behind the scenes as Lego turns a real car into a brick-based model. Once released, the Senna will join other McLarens in the Speed Champions collection such as the P1.

Lego also helped McLaren create a full-size replica of their 720S supercar made entirely out of the legendary plastic bricks.

The finished product is a painstakingly-accurate recreation of the carbon fiber-bodied thing. How accurate? Well, nestled among the 280,000 bricks is a working 8-speed gearbox and an active rear wing.

The model, built by Lego Professional in the U.K. with help from McLaren, was first shown at the 2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed and, more recently, it popped up at the Petersen Automotive Museum where it rested until this August. The 1:1 scale model was actually 400 pounds heavier than the real 720S. This new Senna, though, won’t be and it won’t cost you $1,000,000 either - more like $15. That’s how much the 720S retails for as well as the P1 if you can’t wait for the Senna.

McLaren Performance Specifications

McLaren Senna McLaren 720S McLaren P1 McLaren P1 Hybrid
Engine 4.0-liter V-8 4.0-litre twin-turbo V-8 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 plus electric motor
Horsepower 789 HP 710 HP @ 7,500 RPM 727 HP @ 7,500 RPM
Torque 590 LB-FT 568 LB-FT @ 5,500 RPM 531 LB-FT @ 4,000 RPM
Combined output 903 HP
Combined torque 1,100 LB-FT
Transmission Dual-clutch, seven-speed transmission 7 Speed SSG dual-clutch seven-speed gearbox dual-clutch seven-speed gearbox
Weight 2,641 LBS 2,828 Lbs 3,075 Lbs 3,075 Lbs
0 to 60 mph TBA 2.8 seconds 2.8 seconds 2.8 seconds
Top Speed TBA 212 mph 217 mph 217 mph

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