2015 is an important year for McLaren, but not just only because the Brits reunited with Honda for the Formula One championship. It’s also the year that marks 30 years of partnership with TAG Heuer, a Swiss company known for manufacturing watches, as well as sponsoring racing teams as early as the 1960s. TAG Heuer was born exactly 30 years ago, when TAG, who was already making turbocharged engines for McLaren, acquired famous watchmaker Heuer. The newly formed brand became McLaren’s official sponsor in 1985, supporting the British company through its most successful F1 decade, during which it won five World Championships and finished second on four occasions, with Ayrton Senna and Alan Prost as drivers.

To celebrate their successful collaboration, TAG Heuer and McLaren are planning to release a special film about the MP4/4. The car in question is the one that Ayrton Senna drove to victory in the 1988 season, closely followed by teammate Alain Prost. No other F1 car was able to challenge the MP4/4 that season, it was that good!

Titled "Don’t Crack Under Pressure," the film is set to hit the big screen this month, and McLaren has just released the official trailer. The 30-second video shows footage of the MP4/4 race car set to Ayrton Senna’s voice and one of his most memorable speeches as background. Both Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button, McLaren’s current drivers, appear briefly as they "follow in the footsteps of a racing legend."

This movie should be good!


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