It looks like Mercedes is in talks of switching allegiances in Formula One. Long been associated with McLaren F1, Mercedes is now ready to purchase 75% of Brawn GP, possibly as early as 2010. While it’s not uncommon for one brand to be associated with two Formula One teams, Mercedes is, according to renowned journalist Roger Benoit, willing to let its contract with McLaren run out in 2011, after which, it would direct all its attention on Brawn GP.

The signs of the imminent spilt-up has been brewing for a while now and that both are likely headed in different directions after a highly-successful 15-year partnership that netted them a number of World Championships.

The two company’s decision to end their joint road sports car program was the first sure sign that not all was well between McLaren and Mercedes. That of course, doesn’t take into consideration the fact that Brawn GP – a number Mercedes-powered Formula One team – has been consistently outperforming the McLaren team, a stark contrast from previous years when McLaren was consistently out on front of the pack.

It’s a sad time for McLaren-Mercedes fans, especially those who have been around since the days of Mika Hakkinnen and David Coulthard. But as we all know, there aren’t a lot of happy endings in the oftentimes turbulent world of Formula One racing.


Source: World Car Fans

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