Car lovers around the globe are anticipating the new McLaren performance machine, called the MP4-12C. A weird name for a car it might be, but given the company’s history, it’s sure to be something special. McLaren isn’t sitting by and waiting for the cash to roll in though, they’re planning on much more.

We know that McLaren is hoping to release three core models, with theMP4-12C leading the charge, followed by a hyper-car or a mid-level sports car like the Audi R8. What we didn’t know was that the company is also planning on a few more models.

McLaren is planning on releasing one new model each year for the next five years. Some of the new cars might be different variations of the MP4-12C, but who’s complaining about that? Remember the 430 Scuderia? Imagine that sort of thing, but on the MP4. Just thinking about it makes us all fluttery inside.


Source: AutoGuide

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  (417) posted on 09.2.2010

Cool! Everyone will now be sure that every 5years they’ll get their brand new McLaren.

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