Britih automaker’s new Carbon Composites Technology Centre will open in 2019

Now that the Detroit Auto Show is safely in our rearview mirrors, we can now go back to our regularly scheduled programming. To mark our return to the real world, McLaren threw itself a little housewarming party after the opening of its Carbon Composites Technology Centre in the UK. The special guest-of-honor was none other than the McLaren Senna, and in true form, the Senna did more than just show up and wave to the gathered masses, it actually performed a series of donuts in the company of a 1989 McLaren Formula One race car, the same car that was driven by Ayrton Senna, for which the car was named after.

The Senna’s presence inside the Carbon Composites Technology Centre wasn’t by accident, but a choreographed event by McLaren to use the supercar to leave a trail of fresh Pirelli tire rubber on the center’s new floor. It was, in the automaker’s words, a way to “christen it — McLaren style.” The company even recorded part of the Senna’s performance on video, and it is as glorious as it sounds.

To be clear, the Carbon Composites Technology Centre isn’t open yet. Nevertheless, the doors were opened to a select group of attendees with the intention of showing what the place will look like once it’s fully operational. For those who don’t know, the center will serve as ground zero for McLaren’s future carbon fiber tubs. This will be the place where they’ll be built beginning in 2019.

But that’s a story for another time. For now, check out the McLaren Senna getting its first public workout. By the looks of it, the supercar is all set to unleash its wrath into the world.


McLaren Senna

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