Incredible creation is scheduled to be completed at the conclusion of the Goodwood Festival of Speed

The Goodwood Festival of Speed attracts automakers from all corners of the world, each showing up with something unique on the table. This year, McLaren has made good use of its preparations for the event by partnering up with Lego to create a 1:1 scale model of the McLaren 720S. That’s right – 1:1. The Lego version of the 720 has the same size as the real thing.

As cool as that sounds, it’s nothing when you feast your eyes on the actual build. Thing is though, the life-sized, Lego version of the 720S is far from being a finished project. Sure, it took six people roughly 2,000 hours to put together most of the 267,300 plastic bricks together, but a little under 13,000 bricks have yet to be put in their proper places for the whole Lego 720S to fully come together. This is where attendees at the Goodwood Festival of Speed come in. Those who show up at the weekend-long automotive spectacle in the U.K. will have the opportunity to add the final pieces to the plastic supercar before it’s scheduled completion this Sunday, right at the end of the Festival of Speed. If you’re not up to it, you can turn your attention towards a nice alternative in the newly released Lego version of the new McLaren supercar that’s been added to Lego’s Speed Champions line. It only comes with 161 pieces and is available for under $20, a price that’s a far cry from the £208,600 ($267,300) price tag McLaren’s asking for the actual 720S.

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The details on this life-sized Lego McLaren 720S are incredible

McLaren Wants You To Help Finish Its 1:1 Scale Lego 720S At The Goodwood Festival Of Speed
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The McLaren 720S is made up of 267,300 bricks

To be clear, lifetime Lego builds featuring cars isn’t exactly a new thing. We’ve seen the BMW i8 get this treatment. We’ve seen a life-sized Lego version of the 1964 Ford Mustang, too. There’s even been an actual life-sized flatbed truck made from these bricks, as well as versions of the Michael Keaton Batmobile and even Cars’ Lightning McQueen. So what Lego and McLaren are bringing to Goodwood isn’t something altogether new.

That doesn’t mean the Lego version of the McLaren 720S is no less impressive. The fact that it’s made up of 267,300 bricks is jaw-dropping. I can’t even get around to building a Scooby Doo set with 1,300 pieces in it. Imagine how hard that must have been to put together, even with six people doing it over a period of 2,000 hours. That’s around 83 days if these six people worked the whole time at it!

McLaren Wants You To Help Finish Its 1:1 Scale Lego 720S At The Goodwood Festival Of Speed
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The Lego McLaren 720S will weigh over 3,500 pounds

That’s not even taking into consideration the construction of an internal steel frame to help keep those pieces in place, or the fact that upon completion, the Lego McLaren 720S will weigh over 3,500 pounds (1,600 kilos). That’s actually over 600 pounds heavier than the real McLaren 720S, which has a dry weight of 2,829 pounds (1,283 kilos).

So, if any of you find yourselves at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend, keep an eye out for the Lego McLaren 720S and help finish the whole project. It should look incredible once it’s complete so the sooner it gets to that point, the sooner we’ll be able to have a real good look at it.

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