• Mechanic Dies After Crashing Russian MMA fighter’s Lamborghini

A deadly reminder of why it’s never a good idea to speed on public roads

It’s one thing to own or drive a vehicle like the Lamborghini Murcielago, and it’s another to push yourself and the car beyond the limit. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened recently when two men were transporting Russian MMA fighter Adam Yandiev’s Murcielago to a repair shop.

The driver, who was a Mechanic at a workshop in Moscow, was killed instantly. The passenger, who was found to be breathing but unconscious at the scene was transported to a hospital where, as of the time of this writing, he was alive but still in a coma. As you can see from the image, the car had to have been travelling at a high rate of speed at the time of impact, as the car was almost cut in half by the lamp pole.

We were able to find a video from the scene that was recorded from a GoPro camera on a motorcycle rider’s helmet. In the video description, the poster claims that an iron base column was bounced more than 90 feet away from the vehicle in the event of the collision. When the rider arrives at the scene, debris is seen pretty far away from the car itself.

Note: If you’re going to watch the video, be aware that it is quite graphic, as both passengers are still in the vehicle during the recording, and emergency personnel had yet to arrive. If you have a weak stomach or have children around, you might want to skip watching this one.

Why It Matters

This is another one of those sad situations where someone in a fast car throws caution to the wind and pays dearly for it. Looking at the video there is no telling why the driver lost control, but one thing is for sure; he had to have been driving at excessive speeds. The video and images from this accident should serve as a reminder of how frail we humans are, and that even if you think you have everything under control, something unexpected can happen at any minute.

Unfortunately, in this case, the unexpected resulted in the death of the driver and serious injury to the passenger. Fortunately, nobody else was physically injured in the accident. If you own a supercar or have the opportunity to drive one, do it responsibly. Observe the speed limits set by the authorities in your area, and if you wish to push things to the limit, do it on the track where the unexpected isn’t as likely to happen.

Lamborghini Murcielago

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Source: dailymail

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