The SLR McLaren edition is a very special, very rare car

The Mercedes SLR McLaren started out as Vision SLR concept, unveiled at the 1999 North American International Car Show. The goal was to showcase what Mercedes had learned from their F1 engine supplier, McLaren. Then, they decided to put the car into production. Between 2003 and 2009, 2,157 cars were made in total. Over the years, a couple of special versions appeared, such as the 722 and Stirling Moss. The YouTube channel “Seen through Glass” is showing us another one, even more exclusive than the others.

Meet an Ultra-Rare SLR McLaren
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Sam – the host of the channel – does a great job at giving us great automotive content, more often than not featuring some pretty rare and spectacular vehicles. This Mercedes SLR McLaren is no exception, and he really delves into what makes it so special.

In 2010, more than a year after the SLR was discontinued, McLaren Special Operations (MSO) announced a special upgrade package. The upgrades would extend to all variants of the SLR, except for the Stirling Moss edition. The McLaren package included both cosmetic and performance enhancements. The former includes a new more aggressive front bumper, with an integrated chin spoiler, additional gills and carbon-fiber air extractors on the clamshell hood, lightweight 722-edition wheels, and a new rear bumper with additional air outlets and a more aggressive diffuser. Additional touches have been added in the form of red McLaren badging, carbon-fiber wing mirrors, tinted taillights, and the exquisite red soft top.

Meet an Ultra-Rare SLR McLaren
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Performance-wise, the McLaren edition featured a revised sportier suspension, a bespoke ECU tune, and a new exhaust. Normally, the package includes the exhaust of the 722, but the owner of this particular SLR wanted even more performance, so they fitted a custom exhaust. The normal SLR produced 617 horsepower, while the 722 made 650. The McLaren edition is said to be even more powerful, although the exact figures are not given.

What makes this car even more special is the fact that McLaren Special Operations offered this package for only 25 cars. This is Number 1 and it’s a one-owner vehicle.
Meet an Ultra-Rare SLR McLaren
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When new, the SLR cost £300,000. To get the MSO package, you had to spend another £150,000. This might just be the perfect example of the ultimate dream come true. The car’s owner had it since new and subjected it to the ultimate treatment, courtesy of McLaren Special Operations, available to only 25 vehicles. However, if you happen to have one of these 25 cars, you’ll have the job of explaining how this is a McLaren version of a Mercedes car, built by McLaren.

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