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Meet Kratos - A 3,300 Hp Dodge Viper And Current Roll Race Champion

The 3,300 HP Dodge Viper "Kratos" is a contender for the fastest Viper ever made. It’s also the current roll race champion

“That Racing Channel” continues to supply us – the audience – with great automotive content, showcasing some of the most epic builds in the world. We’ve made it clear that we love Dodge Vipers and apparently, so do the people at “Nth Moto”, who are also the creators of “the Juggernaut” – a 3,200 horsepower Dodge Viper GTS. Now, they’ve come up with an even crazier Viper, which also happens to be the roll race champion. - meet “Kratos”.

Meet Kratos - A 3,300 Hp Dodge Viper And Current Roll Race Champion
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When a car is named after a badass video game character and a Greek mythical figure, you know it means business. Aaron from Nth Moto and his crew brought “Kratos”, “Juggernaut”, and a few other Vipers that they’ve modified, to FL2K 2021, held at the Bradenton Motorsport Park, in Bradenton, Florida.

Xavier (TRS host) walks us through Nth Moto’s Viper fleet, which consists of a few fifth-generation Vipers, as well as the bright-red generation-two Juggernaut. Next to the red GTS, we find “Kratos” – a silver Dodge Viper ACR that is currently Nth Moto’s most powerful build. It’s also one of their purpose-built drag/roll race cars, with an output of 3,306 rear-wheel horsepower.

Meet Kratos - A 3,300 Hp Dodge Viper And Current Roll Race Champion
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You will immediately notice the chunky 315/60R15 ET Street radial pro rear tires, which is the biggest radial you can currently get. Naturally, the car is also equipped with a parachute. You will probably never hear someone calling the Viper a “sleeper”, but you would never guess this one makes five times the stock power. “Kratos” still has a full interior with the only difference being the racing seats and the obligatory roll cage.

The amount of modified Dodge Vipers at the FL2K is substantial. We even see some cars, built by Calvo Motorsports – another renowned Viper tuner. The most impressive thing is that amidst the plethora of highly modified Nissan GT-Rs, Lamborghini Huracans, as well as other Dodge Vipers, Kratos managed to set the highest trap-speed record.

Meet Kratos - A 3,300 Hp Dodge Viper And Current Roll Race Champion
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While most cars were nearing the 200 mph (322 km/h) mark), the Kratos Viper managed a 208.79 mph (336 km/h), while also taking first place in the Unlimited class. Meanwhile, after a valiant effort, Kratos’ rival – a red GT-R blew a turbo, pieces of which hit the left side of the Viper.

Just in case you are not impressed by trap speeds, here are some other numbers: 60 to 130 mph (97-210 km/h) - 2.36 seconds, 100 to 150 mph (161-241 km/h) - 1.70 seconds, 100 to 200 mph (161-322 km/h) -4.30 seconds. Aaron points out that those figures are from the 203 mph (327 km/h) pass and that the 208 mph (336 km/h) pass was even better.

Meet Kratos - A 3,300 Hp Dodge Viper And Current Roll Race Champion
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Aaron explains that, just like the Juggernaut, Kratos runs on an OEM Viper block and heads. He also says that they can make it even faster and haven’t found the limit of the powerplant just yet. According to Aaron, the next step is to figure out how to make it quicker without adding power, to refine the package. And if that isn’t enough, they can always add more power.

If you want to see some epic runs of the Kratos Viper against other highly modified machines as well as to learn more about it, watch the video below.

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