What you’re looking at is an Evinrude 300xp, 2-stroke, V-8 engine on. This particular engine, however, has been modified by VM Performance in Vasteras, Sweden. Currently, the engine has eight carburetors and sounds like the wildest weed whacker or chainsaw engine ever made. There are few details about the engine, but according to the video description, the expansion chambers are homemade by the process of hydroforming. Other modifications included milling of the original exhaust and filling the block with plastic – essentially sealing off the cooling system. VM Performance apparently plans to remove the eight carburetors and replace them with electronic fuel injection. Sources say the engine will eventually be used in a Volkswagen Drag car.

Stock, the 300XP was rated at around 275 horsepower, but was believed to produce much more. There is no telling how much horsepower this monster will make once the final modifications are complete, but it certainly sounds powerful. I am concerned about the complete lack of a cooling system, but an occasional pass down the strip shouldn’t pose much of a risk – assuming it has adequate time for cooling between each pass. All things aside, you’ve got to love the sound of that engine. At idle it almost sounds like a cammed big block. Enjoy the video!


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