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Concept supercars don’t just grow on trees, but every so often, they take the form of a LEGO creation. This is the Colide Sprint. Misspelled first name notwithstanding, it’s the creation of Vibor Cabor and he needs our help to turn the Sprint into a full-blown LEGO product that could find its way into our homes in the not-too-distant future. From the looks of it, the Colide Sprint takes the form of a mid-engine, two-seater supercar with two independent cockpits, presumably for the driver and the passenger. It also has a quad exhaust setup, though the tips are located on both sides of the car. While I’d love to see what the Sprint could look like in real life, Cabor’s creation is intriguing enough on its own to warrant a chance at coming to life as legitimate LEGO product. It’s already reached 630 supporters and still has 277 days to get to 1,000 supporters. I’m willing to bet Cabor reaches his goal before June 2020.

Colide Sprint Supercar Lego Concept

This is a LEGO product idea that I can get behind. I love everything about it. I love the concept. I love the presentation. I love the gimmicks. Most importantly, I love that the man behind this LEGO build, Vibor Cabor, thought his creation through. There’s no wasted piece in the Colide Sprint. The bars on the front and back, for example, are lights that glow in the dark. These are small details, but they’re no less important in crafting the identity of this LEGO supercar.

It’s not just the light bars, too. There’s also a luggage compartment that can be removed by turning a pair of notches upwards.

Then there’s the passenger door mechanism, which Cabor admits is the hardest part to build because of the shape of the doors.

But he managed to make it work by using Technic connectors as sliding mechanisms. Even the Sprint’s interior is well-thought-out. The glow-in-the-dark parts — there is a handful of them — are nice touches.

Meet the Colide Sprint - a Supercar Lego Concept That You Need To Support Right Now
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With all of its features, the Colide Sprint already deserves a spot as a future LEGO product. Here’s the thing, though. I haven’t even gotten to the best part: the power cells. Yes, the Sprint comes with a pair of power cells that light up when they’re put in the supercar. If for nothing else, they give the Sprint another aesthetic dimension that adds to its already impressive character.

I’m all in on the Colide Sprint.

It’s not your typical LEGO product idea, but I’m impressed with Cabor’s creation.

Check out the video of him demonstrating all of its functionalities and you’ll see how big it also is. This isn’t a small and easy build by any means. If the Colide Sprint is going to make it to production (as a LEGO, not as an actual supercar) it’s not something that you can finish in one sitting. There lies the challenge, right?

Meet the Colide Sprint - a Supercar Lego Concept That You Need To Support Right Now
- image 857434

Go and throw your support behind Vibor Cabor’s Colide Sprint so I can end up buying one when it hits stores in the near future. I don’t expect this product idea to exhaust all 277 days it has remaining to garner enough support to cross the 1,000 supporters threshold. Who knows, it might reach that mark by the end of the week, or the end of the month at the latest.

All I know is the sooner it gets there, the sooner we get the chance to actually seeing it become a real LEGO product. When that happens, you can be sure that I’m scooping one up to add to my collection.

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