Meet the Jerrari - A Jeep Wagoneer - Ferrari 365GT Hybrid
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Meet the Jerrari - A Jeep Wagoneer - Ferrari 365GT Hybrid

This vehicle is the lovechild that both Jeep and Ferrari should be proud of

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I’m pretty sure every auto enthusiast, at some point in life, has come up with the bizarre idea of amalgamating two cars. Now, most of these are just passing thoughts, but what if you have resources at your hand? Will you go ahead and execute your idea? Well, if you are Bill Harrah, you sure as hell will.

Bill Harrah was a casino magnate back in the mid-1900s and is famous for his car collection. He came up with the idea of a ‘practical’ Ferrari that combined the Ferrari’s power with the Jeep Wagoneer’s robust build. The result – a four-wheel-drive Jerrari! If you act fast, it can be yours as the Jerrari is now up for sale.

What’s The Jerrari’s History?

Meet the Jerrari - A Jeep Wagoneer - Ferrari 365GT Hybrid Exterior
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Bill Harrah, a casino magnate who lived in the mid 1900s, united a Jeep Wagoneer and a Ferrari 365 GT 2+2 to make a four-wheel-drive, practical wagon with Ferrari’s potential

One of Bill Harrah’s mechanics crashed his 1969 Ferrari 365 GT 2+2 in an ice storm. Instead of bringing it back to life, Harrah decided to give it a new life as an SUV.

He took the front-end of the wrecked Ferrari, which was intact, and combined it with a 1969 Kaiser-Jeep Wagoneer.

This idea doesn’t seem too radical now as every uber-luxurious brand has an SUV in its portfolio (Lamborghini Urus, Bentley Bentayga, Rolls Royce Cullinan, etc.). But, five decades back, a four-wheel-drive SUV from these top brands was pretty much a Voldemort-like situation – ’a vehicle that should not be created’. Legend says that Harrah even reached out to Enzo Ferrari to build the Jerrari, but the latter rejected it straight up ‘as a matter of principle’.

Meet the Jerrari - A Jeep Wagoneer - Ferrari 365GT Hybrid Interior
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After Harrah’s death in 1978, his car collection was old and the Jerrari made its way to Germany, where it is now up for sale

Harrah had mechanics at his disposal always; after all, 1,500 cars needed maintenance, too. So, he decided to make the Jerrari a reality. Originally, it was painted in a crème-white exterior shade but was later repainted to a racing dark green color. It comes with the Ferrari’s beautiful face very neatly united with the Wagoneer’s body.

There Was A Jerrari 2 As Well

Meet the Jerrari - A Jeep Wagoneer - Ferrari 365GT Hybrid Exterior
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However, the Jerrari became quite famous and Harrah needed another ride to go unnoticed to his casinos

The Jerrari screams for attention and had become quite famous after being published in various magazines. However, Harrah needed something subtler so he could go to his casinos unnoticed. This resulted in the Jerrari 2 being made.

The Jerrari made use of the 365 GT’s 4.4-liter Tipo V-12 245 engine that made 320 horses.

Harrah decided to plonk this engine into a new 1977 Wagoneer and used this Wagoneer’s engine in the original Jerrari, which was a Chevy-sourced 5.9-liter, V-8 mill.

What Happened To The Jerrari Later?

Meet the Jerrari - A Jeep Wagoneer - Ferrari 365GT Hybrid Exterior
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Bill’s mechanic crashed his Ferrari 365 GT which led to the Jerrari’s birth. The Jerrari came with Ferrari’s face and engine, and the 1969 Wagoneer’s body for the rest of it

Harrah passed away in 1978 and his car collection was then sold. In 2008, the original Jerrari made its way to Germany, perhaps the buyer imported it here. It has since been under good care and all damages have also been taken care of. It only has 7,000 miles on the odo. ClassicDriver has revealed that the Jerrari has even received its own manufacturer category in Germany! So, yes, “Jerrari” is an official thing.


Meet the Jerrari - A Jeep Wagoneer - Ferrari 365GT Hybrid Exterior
- image 995424
Originally, it was painted in crème-white exterior shade but was later repainted to racing dark green color

If you have desired a Ferrari SUV but don’t have the patience to wait for the Purosangue, this is your best shot at owning one. The seller has not revealed the price, but given its history and exclusivity, this is not going to be any cheap.

Source: Classic Driver

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